Behind Every Star Kdrama Episode 10 Spoilers: Daniel Henney Appears in Method Entertainment + Heo Sung Tae Gives Staff New Challenge

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Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Behind Every Star Episode 10 will feature Daniel Henney.

Behind Every Star is an ongoing Kdrama series on tvN, which also premieres on Netflix, based on the hit French series, Call My Agent! It explores the lives of celebrities and managers in the industry, especially the latter, as they work behind the scenes to make the stars more successful.


In the next episode, Koo Hae Jun urges everyone to make Daniel Henney start his project. However, problems arise immediately.

Continue reading to see some spoilers for the next episode.

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Behind Every Star Kdrama Episode 10 Spoilers

After Chun Jane accidentally kisses Koo Hae Jun when she mistakes him for Lee Sang Uk, the Method Entertainment president pesters her with questions about the event.

Meanwhile, viewers are now wondering whether Kim Jung Don has already developed feelings toward Kang Hee Sun as he becomes overprotective of her.

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The Method Entertainment staff receive a warning from Koo Hae Jun, who tells them to make Daniel Henney star in the film.

However, it is also revealed that the director himself refuses to work with Daniel Henney, leaving fans clueless about what makes the filmmaker avoid working with the actor.

The next episode will also reveal what So Hyun Joo did this time that made Koo Hae Jun say they would file a lawsuit against her and fire her from the company. Previously, she caused Jang Myung Aeh’s ousting from Method Entertainment and gave false hopes to an actor.

K-drama Behind Every Star Episode 10 Release Date and Time


K-drama Behind Every Star Episode 10 will be released on December 6 at 10:30 PM KST.

Here's a glance at the Behind Every Star Episode 10 release date and time in other regions:

Central Time: 5:30 AM (December 6)

Greenwich Mean Time: 11:30 PM (December 6)

Eastern Time: 06:30 AM (December 6)

Pacific Time: 03:30 AM (December 6)

Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (December 6)

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