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Barack Obama, Joe Biden Faked Their Bromance, Friendship? New Book Claims Ex-President, Staffers Saw POTUS As A Foolish Distraction, Someone Who They Couldn’t Trust

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Credit: Joe Biden/YouTube Screenshot

Barack Obama and Joe Biden forged a close relationship when they worked together as the president and vice president of the United States, respectively. After his 8-year stint as POTUS, Obama gave Biden an emotional shout-out during his speech. Years later, Obama showed his support for his former VP when Biden announced his candidacy.

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New Book Claims Barack Obama And Joe Biden Do Not Have A Close Bond

But in the book The Long Alliance: The Imperfect Union of Joe Biden and Barack Obama, it was suggested that Obama and Biden just faked their “bromance” and close friendship. After all, the two U.S. leaders allegedly had a ton of complaints and negative feelings toward each other.

For instance, the book claimed that Obama was offended after Biden invited him to have dinner at a casual Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill. Biden told Obama that the venue was nothing fancy, and this allegedly sent the latter into a tailspin.

Obama allegedly told Biden that they could go to a nice place because he could afford to pay for his meal.

After Obama fired back at Biden, the latter allegedly felt a hint of arrogance and presumptuousness from Michelle Obama’s husband.

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Barack Obama Allegedly Thought Joe Biden Was Old School

Obama, on the other hand, couldn’t help but think that Biden was old-school, condescending, and borderline offensive at worst. And during a joint event, Obama allegedly noticed how Biden enjoyed rambling nonstop and there was no stopping him.

In 2007, Biden talked about Obama during an interview and he described the latter as the first mainstream African-American who is articulate, bright, clean, and nice-looking. However, his remarks did not sit well with Obama, even though they were mostly positive.

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Barack Obama Allegedly Wanted Hillary Clinton To Be His Running Mate, Not Joe Biden

And before he announced his decision to run for president, Obama allegedly contemplated tapping Hillary Clinton as his running mate. However, he eventually came to the conclusion that having Biden by his side would mean getting the votes of white voters.

After they were elected as president and vice president, the POTUS couldn’t help but think that Obama and his staff saw him as a foolish distraction.

“The biggest insult to Biden was how little his input mattered to Obama's inner circle. Biden could hardly shake the suspicion that Obama's eggheads saw him as a foolish distraction they couldn't fully trust,” a source claimed (via Radar Online).


The book that claims to detail the tensions between Obama and Biden will be available starting Sept. 13. However, it’s unclear if the accounts in the book are accurate. After all, Obama and Biden have been nothing but nice to each other.

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