Meghan Markle Plans To Stay Unfiltered In Her New Podcast Archetypes? Duchess Of Sussex Claims The Public Didn’t Get To Know The Real Her In The Past Few Years

Credit: Spotify/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Spotify/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle couldn’t be more excited to release the first episode of her new podcast, Archetypes, this week. Royal fans have been waiting for the Duchess of Sussex’s project with Spotify for the past two years, and now they finally have the chance to hear about Prince Harry’s wife again.

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Meghan Markle Says Archetypes Listeners Can Expect To Hear The Real Her In Her Podcast

Prior to the release of the first episode for Archetype, Meghan Markle teased what fans can expect to hear from her on her podcast.

“People should expect the real me in this, and probably the me that they've never gotten to know — certainly not in the past few years, where everything is through the lens of the media as opposed to, 'Hey, it's me.’ I'm just excited to be myself and talk and be unfiltered and...yeah, it's fun,” she said (via People).

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Meghan Markle Detailed A Harrowing Incident Involving Archie On Her Podcast

For the first episode, Markle spoke with her friend, Serena Williams, about motherhood and ambition. The tennis pro even shared a photo with the Duchess of Sussex and her daughter, Olympia, to encourage her followers to tune in.

During their conversation, Markle also revealed a shocking incident that almost put her son, Archie, in grave danger. She said that while she and Prince Harry were in Africa for their royal tour, their son’s nursery caught on fire while Archie’s nanny was tending to him.

The African nanny named Lauren was supposed to put Archie down for a nap. But she decided to get a snack downstairs and brought Archie with her. If she didn’t, Archie would’ve been in the nursery when the heater caught fire.

Williams was shocked to hear Markle’s story. But the athlete was even more surprised by what her friend said next. According to Prince Harry’s wife, she had to attend a second engagement because she was asked to put her royal duties first.

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Piers Morgan Slammed Meghan Markle Following The Release Of Archetypes Episode 1

As of late, the royal family has not responded to Markle’s latest claims. But one of her usual critics, Piers Morgan, immediately slammed Markle after hearing that her first episode was about ambitions.

Morgan also reacted to royal author Omid Scobie’s post about Markle being silenced by the institution.

“Is this the ‘silenced’ voice that’s spent the last two years publicly trashing her family for $$$$$$$? I’ve seen some deluded lickspittles in my time but this guy’s beyond parody. My views of Ms. Markle have nothing to do with her skin color, and everything to do with the way she trashes the Royal Family whilst fleecing her royal status for massive financial gain,” Morgan said (via Metro UK).

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