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Michelle Obama, Barack Obama On Trial Separation Amid Divorce Rumors? Couple Reportedly Continues Fighting Over Sasha, Malia's Spending Habits

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Bickering Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have agreed to lead separate lives at opposite costs to avoid an embarrassing divorce, a new report claimed.

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Breaking Point For ‘Bickering’ Michelle Obama, Barack Obama?

Globe Magazine, in its latest edition, reported that Michelle Obama and Barack Obama decided to go on separate lives in a desperate attempt to disguise their tattered marriage. An unnamed informant told the entertainment news outlet:

“Whenever they’re together, they just seem to annoy each other. Even though they’ve been pretty good at playing up for the cameras, the cracks have begun to show.”

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Other sources suggested that Michelle Obama and Barack Obama looked “frazzled” and “uncomfortable” on Aug. 5 when they graced the African American Film Festival in Martha’s Vineyard, where they have a huge luxury estate.

Michelle Obama’s Hollywood Dreams Affected Barack Obama Marriage?

The publication previously claimed that Michelle Obama and Barack Obama had grown apart as the former FLOTUS strived to conquer Hollywood through her Higher Ground production company, win over influential celebrity friends and glam herself up to flirt with younger guys.

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A tattler claimed:

“Michelle’s so amped up on being a power player in Hollywood, she doesn’t have time to listen to Barack whine about politics.”

Insiders dished the trial separation was a long time coming as the squabbling Michelle Obama and Barack Obama ceased having anything in common after their daughters, Sasha and Malia, left the nest.

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A tipster shared:

“They’ve concluded it’s better for her to get on with her business in Hollywood and for him to stay on the East Coast. Besides, she wants to be closer to the girls in L.A. and keep an eye on them.”

To recall, Sasha recently transferred from the University of Southern California and is presently dating writer-director Clifton Powell Jr. Malia, on the other hand, is working as a writer on Donald Glover’s series Hive and has been spotted with record producer Dawit Eklund on dates.

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Michelle Obama, Barack Obama Fights Over Their ‘Wild’ Daughters?

Globe Magazine previously claimed that Michelle Obama and Barack Obama, who would be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in October, still butt their heads over Sasha and Malia, especially about their children’s spendthrift habits and party-hearty friends.

An insider claimed:

“They argue constantly about the way those girls live and spend money on fancy restaurants and clothes and spas.”

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It added that Michelle Obama wishes Barack Obama would do more to intervene. However, with the kids on their own, the source confided:

“Michelle and Barack prefer spending time away from each other. They would not divorce – not now before a midterm election – and probably not ever. They are working on an arrangement where they get space from each other – and stop getting on each other’s nerves. But they’re both incredibly stubborn – Michelle especially. If they aren’t willing to compromise, then their relationship isn’t going to see any improvement.”

Both Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have yet to comment on these divorce speculations. So, devoted supporters of the former FLOTUS and POTUS should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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