04 Dec 2018 6:17 PM +00:00 UTC

Avengers 4 Final Trailer Release Date Confirmed For This Week

This is it. Marvel fans have the final release date for the trailer to Avengers 4.

There's been so many rumors and speculation about the trailer the past few weeks. Last week word had it that the trailer would drop sometime during Collider's special screening of Avengers: Infinity War and the publication's special Question and Answer session together with directors Joe and Anthony Russo. Fans were certain that the trailer would come out then, but come the event and the teaser never appeared.

On Monday morning this week, a Disney insider reported that the trailer for Captain Marvel would drop Monday night and that the trailer for Avengers 4 would roll out on Wednesday. As if on cue, the Captain Marvel trailer came on time on Monday night, just as DisInsider Skyler Shuler promised.


Unfortunately, while this meant the trailer for Avengers 4 might really drop on Wednesday, another insider, Daniel RPK, reportedthat the release had to be delayed because of the funeral of former president Bush.

Now, according to DanielRPK, the final release date for Avengers 4's very first trailer is out – Marvel fans should keep their eyes peeled on Friday morning at 9 am EST.

Check out the tweets down here:

While fans ought to take these new reports with a grain of salt, DanielRPK has provided so many accurate insider information before. We're crossing our fingers and hoping with all our heart that the trailer finally comes out then. It's pretty tough for the fanbase to anticipate the trailer's release week after week only to be let down by false information.

Avengers 4 premieres May 3, 2019.

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