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Attack on Titan: Hajime Isayama Addresses Possible Squad Levi Spin-Off Plans

We already know Levi Ackerman's backstory as it had been revealed in Attack on Titan. But will we also learn about the Special Operations Squad's origins when the anime returns with its final season later this year? Hajime Isayama has just addressed the possibility that the backstory of Squad Levi will eventually be explored.

In Attack on Titan, Levi Ackerman and the Special Operations Squad are put in charge of Eren Jaeger so he can learn how to control his Titan powers. Soon, Eren bonds with Hange Zoe, Eld Gin, Oruo Bozad, Petra Rall and Günther Schultz, and is understandably enraged by the latter four's deaths at the hand of the Female Titan.

Hajime Isayama Addresses Attack on Titan Spin-Offs

So what are the chances we will eventually learn a bit more about Hange and the rest of Squad Levi? Crunchyroll asked Hajime Isayama about this and not surprisingly, the mangaka confirmed he was several ideas that involve Levi Ackerman.

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"Regarding Levi, I actually have something in my mind, but at the same time, I don’t know if I will be able to write that or not," Isayama said. "For example, I have imagined what the story of Levi would be in my mind, but at the same time, whether I am able to output it, that’s a whole other story because writing a manga is a really difficult task for me."

It certainly sounds like Isayama might be considering an OVA or two that would focus on Levi and his former team members. On the other hand, there haven't been any official updates on Attack on Titan spin-offs but we're hoping we could get an announcement soon after the anime's final season is completed.

The first cour of Attack on Titan Season 4 The Final Part has already been confirmed to be broadcast in March 2023 while the second cour will be released later in the year.

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