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How Old is Eren? Eren Jaeger's Age in Attack on Titan

Credit: Wit Studio

After a 13-year run, Attack on Titan ended in April of 2021. Yet its influence on pop culture and fans from all over the world remains incredibly strong. Up until now, it has a wide range of memes, merchandise, and the series is still often talked about on social media. Anime-only watchers have yet to see the second part of the final season to find out what ultimately happens at the end of the whole story.

Attack on Titan is a shōnen manga series created by Hajime Isayama. It began serialization in 2009 under Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine. In 2013, an anime adaptation by Wit Studio was released. They handled the production for three seasons. The fourth and final season is being animated by MAPPA. During its run, the series has become incredibly successful and popular—even becoming one of the top-selling mangafor the first half of 2021.

Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan Season 3. Photo from Wit Studio.
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This post-apocalyptic series is set in a world where giant creatures called Titans roam around the land, eating humans. Thus humanity has been forced to live enclosed within three walls for their own safety. Their only way of fighting back so far is through their military, especially the Survey Corps—who go on expeditions beyond the walls to learn more about these gigantic creatures and eliminate them.


The main character of the story is a boy named Eren Jaeger. He lives in Shiganshina, one of the areas located within Wall Maria, the outermost wall. Humanity has lived pretty much in peace until one day, the aforementioned wall was breached by Titans. 

After losing his mother to this tragic event, Eren is even more determined to join the military to exterminate the Titans as part of his revenge.

The story of Attack on Titan spans quite a timeline. So how old is Eren throughout the series?

Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan Season 1. Photo from Wit Studio.
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The series starts during the year 850, but let’s backtrack a bit first. The breach in Wall Maria happened during the year 845. Eren was around 10 years old during this time. Two years later, he decides to enlist in the military with his childhood friends, Mikasa and Armin. 

Now going back to the year 850, he graduates from the Cadet Corps at the age of 15. The time-skip (start of Season 4) is four years later which makes him 19 years old until the end of the series.

It’s kind of hard to believe that the characters were so young during most of the events in the plot. But then again, it’s not uncommon to see a bunch of traumatized teenagers in similar stories or situations from the shōnen genre. 

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