Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 Gets Spoiled in Japan Station Ad

Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 Ad Eren

Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 Ad Eren

To drum up hype for the upcoming one-hour special, a massive Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 ad was put up in Tokyo, though it features major spoilers for the finale.

Recently, fans spotted a large advertisement for the series at Shibuya Station in Tokyo. And while train station ads for upcoming anime aren’t new, fans noted that anime-only viewers shouldn’t look closely so they don’t get spoiled.

Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 Split Release

Attack on Titan Final Season Eren
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A few weeks ago, Attack on Titan made waves online after Part 3 of the Final Season got its release schedule revealed. While the news excited many, fans also made fun of the reveal.

This is because the third and final part is split into two parts. This confusing state of the anime has left fans in disbelief, with many joking that the anime won’t ever end.

Despite being called the Final Season, it might be more accurate to call it multiple seasons.

Despite this, it is at least confirmed that the series’ story will end in Part 3.

Unlike the previous parts which were composed of standard-length episodes, Part 3 will first get a one-hour special that will be released in early March.

After this, the second half of Part 3 will be released later this year. Though right now, there’s no word yet on what format this second half will have.

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Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 Shibuya Ad

attack on titan anime eren
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While it may be confusing for long-time series fans, it’s fair to say that the excitement for Part 3 is still massive.

In the build-up to its anticipated release, an advertisement was put up recently in Shibuya that features various stills from the upcoming one-hour special.

While it may not spoil much at first glance, it’s not a good idea to look closely.

The ad was spotted by u/Mazen141 and shared on Reddit’s r/anime. There, the ad got attention from series fans, with some remarking about how it spoils the upcoming events.

Fans also believe that a new trailer for Part 3 will also be released soon given that the promotion for the series is building up even more.

Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 will air its one-hour special on March 4, 2023, in Japan.

Right now, there’s no word yet on where the special will be streamed outside Japan.

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