Attack on Titan: Battle of Heaven and Earth Movie Rumors

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Attack on Titan Battle of Heaven and Earth Movie Rumours

We can’t bear to think of a world with no more Attack on Titan, and neither can most anime fans right now!

As Season 4 Part 2 gets closer to its conclusion, many people don’t want the hit series to end. There are also manga readers that are worried about whether the conclusion will do justice to this epic story.

Both camps have come together, fuelling increasing speculation that the Final Season might not be the end of Attack on Titan after all. Here, we investigate one of the more high-profile rumours, an Attack on Titan: Battle of Heaven and Earth Movie.

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What is Attack on Titan’s Battle of Heaven and Earth?

Attack on Titan Founding Titan Battle of Heaven and Earth
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The Battle of Heaven and Earth is the final major conflict in the series. Taking place primarily around Fort Salta in Marley, it involves the majority of remaining characters in Attack on Titan as they attempt to stop Eren’s Founding Titan and the Rumbling.

The Battle of Heaven and Earth is the final major battle in Attack on Titan. The name comes from the title of the 135th chapter, the first of the final five chapters of the manga.

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Will There be an Attack on Titan: Battle of Heaven and Earth Movie?

Attack on Titan Ymir Founding Titan Movie
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There has never been confirmation that any Attack on Titan movie is being considered. There has been no word about the Battle of Heaven and Earth getting a movie adaptation, either. However, there are growing reasons to believe that something is in the works.

Many Attack of Titan fans have noted that there might not be enough time in the TV series to cover all the manga’s content, especially at the pace of the show currently. No official episode count for Season 4 Part 2 has been announced, but if it only runs for one cour (12 episodes), then it’s widely accepted that the anime will have to make a dramatic change.

There is a chance that Attack on Titan could get an original anime ending – some fans were unhappy with how the Attack on Titan manga ended, with many considering it rushed. If there is an original ending, they could design it to fit into a regular anime TV run or turn it into something like a movie.

If they don’t make an original ending and keep with the current pacing, we may see a change to the show’s formatting, likely around the Battle of Heaven and Earth. This change could be more episodes, a mini-series or a movie - nothing has been mentioned by the studio yet.

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Will There be Any Movie at the End of Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan Movie Levi
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There is growing speculation that an Attack on Titan movie is being prepared for the end of the series. However, this is nothing more than rumours; as of right now, there is no Attack on Titan movie in the works.

As mentioned above, there is a whole host of different ways Attack on Titan could end. They could simply be running another 16-episode cour, which might give them the additional episodes needed to finish the series.

Other options for Attack on Titan include longer final episodes or a mini-series purely for the Battle of Heaven and Earth later in the year.

Considering all these options, the Attack on Titan would probably be the most dramatic and unexpected outcome, especially given that there has been zero leaks or reports suggesting such a thing so far.

The producers have been notoriously tight-lipped around Attack on Titan so far. The episode count not being announced at this point is quite odd, and we wouldn’t rule out them suddenly dropping big news around the conclusion of the hit series.

Still, right now, we predict that there will be extended episodes or a mini-series rather than a movie. However, we can’t rule out a movie just yet! We will update this page when any new info is announced.

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