TXT Soobin Needs A Fashion Makeover, Yeonjun Says

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

TXT Soobin is not the most fashionable member of the group. He and his groupmates seemingly agree that either Yeonjun or Huening Kai suits the title.

Upon establishing the dynamic, the oldest member of the act was, later on, asked which among the group he would pick for a fashion makeover. He mentioned Kai and Soobin, but he settled on the leader in the end, according to Koreaboo.

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Yeonjun Wants To Give Soobin A Fashion Makeover

The publication recalled the exchange, which took place in 2020. As noted, it happened during an engagement with Weverse Magazine’s Kim Ri Eun.

After asking the question to Yeonjun, he, alongside the rest of TXT members, burst into laughter. He explained, however, why he would pick Soobin for the makeover.

The oldest member of the group first emphasized how “handsome” and good-looking their leader is. But, he revealed that the idol always chooses to wear workout clothes.

Yeonjun then stated that switching out Soobin’s sportswear preferences for other pieces, like a casual ensemble, would suit him and his looks well.

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TXT Soobin And Some Of His "Stunning" Style Moments

While the TXT leader may not be the most fashionable member of the group, he still has had several “stunning” moments because of his fashion choices. Pinkvilla previously made a list featuring some of the idol’s most on-point sartorial pieces over the course of his career.

These include Soobin’s all-black ensemble during a red carpet. He donned a flat black turtleneck and partnered it with a classic fitted suit of the same color.

The list also features the idol’s oversized off-white shirt that blends well with his blue hair. As pointed out, he had the look for the group’s performance of Blue Hour.

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Dressing Up Like TXT

Fans and followers launched a fashion-centered account on Instagram. The page, which carries the handle “txt_outfits_official,” features the TXT members’ fashion picks and preferences from time to time, including Soobin’s.

Each photo on the account seemingly details the brand and label of the pieces. It now has over 32,400 followers with more than 700 posts.


Watch this space for more TXT Soobin news.

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