BTS J-Hope Girlfriend 2022: Is He In A Romantic Relationship?

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS J-Hope is only one of the few K-pop idols who have not faced any relationship speculations and rumors. This is despite his apparent fame and success over the years since he debuted as an idol in 2013.

While he may have rarely talked about his dating life before the public, he has shared some information about this aspect of his life. These include his past relationship as well as his ideal woman.

As for his current relationship status, he did not confirm anything regarding the matter. But, reports have noted that he is not dating anyone today.

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Is BTS J-Hope Dating Anyone In 2022?

Capital FM said earlier in 2021 that J-Hope was single. It did not dwell on the details, though, making it highly speculative.

But, even so, it pointed out that the BTS rapper had not been subjected to any rumor of having a partner throughout his career. Accordingly, it makes sense why reports have arrived at such a conclusion about his dating life.

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Becoming A "Previous Person"

Another possible reason why publications, as well as the public, believe that he is single and not in a relationship is because he seemingly talked about being “ready to mingle,” according to Kpop Starz. This comes after he shared his “goal” in life back when he celebrated his birthday in 2020.

As reported, the BTS member told fans and followers that his goal was “not to be great” in terms of his career and life in its entirety. He explained that the endgame for him was to be a “precious person to someone.”

Although this appeared to have links with his dating life, some reportedly argued that there are a lot of interpretations to his statement. As stated, he could be referring to his loved ones or close pals in general.

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Hobi Reveals His Ideal Woman

The BTS rapper, nevertheless, shared what his “ideal woman” looks like from his past interviews. He once revealed that he wants a “girl who loves to care for others.”

J-Hope, who fans refer to as “Hobi” at times, also reportedly stated that he likes someone “who are into reading books” and “cooking.” He explained that these characteristics are similar to his, which would allow them to bond and share activities together.


Watch this space for more BTS J-Hope news.

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