Chainsaw Man Chapter 113 Reveals the Famine Devil in Asa and Denji’s Date

chainsaw man famine devil makima

chainsaw man famine devil makima

After a week-long break, the Chainsaw Man manga is back, and it did not disappoint. The last chapter set up a date between Asa and Denji, and what happened next was unexpected as Chainsaw Man Chapter 113 officially revealed the Famine Devil.

Aside from the Famine Devil’s introduction, Asa and Denji’s date was the highlight of the chapter.

As you might have expected, the date did not go well at all. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t Denji’s fault that it was a bad date.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man Chapter 113 spoilers in this article, along with some major spoilers for the anime.

Asa and Denji Go on a Date

The chapter opens with Asa preparing for the date. Despite Yoru calling her outfit too plain, Asa was confident that she was cute and interesting enough to easily seduce Denji. But what followed next proved her wrong.

Asa and Denji’s date was in an aquarium, which is a typical scenario for stories in manga/anime.

Though instead of having a fun, casual time, Asa insisted on talking about the sea creatures for 10 to 30 minutes at a time.

For Asa, the in-depth marine biology knowledge that she dropped was more than enough to get Denji hooked.

Though that wasn’t the case as Denji was bored to tears.

Despite Denji’s insistence that they see the penguins, Asa was firm about sticking to their schedule.

In response, Denji left her to go see the penguins, remarking how he wants to decide for himself moving forward.

As Asa was in disbelief that her plan didn’t work, the Famine Devil suddenly appeared and introduced herself.

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Asa Meets the Famine Devil

Calling herself Fami, the Famine Devil is one of the Four Horsemen alongside the War Devil (Yoru), Control Devil (Makima/Nayuta), and Death Devil (currently unknown).

This isn’t Fami’s first appearance as she already debuted in a previous chapter when she revived Yuko at school.

Though this is her first proper introduction as she was still a mysterious character before Asa and Denji’s date.

After her introduction, Fami soon goes away and takes Yoru with her. She tells Asa that she’ll be stuck in the aquarium until she can turn Denji into a weapon.

Denji then returns and remarks that the Eternity Devil is back.

While her appearance wasn’t long, she is no doubt a major character in the series.

Fans have also now begun sharing their theories of Fami online due to the importance of the Four Horsemen in the series’ story.

In the chapter’s Reddit discussion thread, some are speculating that Fami and the Justice Devil are one and the same.

According to some fans, it also seems that the infinite hallway was the work of Fami and not the Eternity Devil.

Whatever the case may be, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

Though we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the Famine Devil as the next Chainsaw Man chapter will be released in two weeks.

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