Aquaman 2 Reportedly Undergoing Drastic Story Changes Due To Terrible Screening Results

In case you missed it, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has not been doing well with its test screenings results, with some of DC fans outright calling it “one of the worst DCEU movies” and that’s saying something. Not only has the terrible screening results led Aquaman star Jason Momoa to exit from his character, but now the sequel is up for a drastic do-over.

According to insider KC Walsh (via The Direct), Aquaman 2 is undergoing drastic story changes in which revamped version barely reflected what was shown during pre-screening: “Every test screening has had mostly unfinished VFX, and no one walked out, the main issue was they completely changed the plot and villains of the film, it’s not even the same movie that tested 4 times prior.”

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While the same villains remain the center of the Aquaman sequel, Walsh noted that Warner Bros. and DC just changed the story around them. As for the reason behind the sudden changes, the insider has “no clue”.

Another insider Robert Meyer spoke on The John Campea Show in which his statement of reshoots happening as we speak supported Walsh’s claims of drastic story changes: “I have heard they’re doing reshoots. They’re changing a significant plot point…”

Meyer added that this could be due to a “tonal issue” seeing as the audience weren’t quite convinced that “the potential for goofiness” is not what they were looking for in the sequel: “It might be something that it’s too fantasy for them. I just don’t buy it until we see the whole film.”

As for the story changes Warner Bros. and DC mulled over, we have no news about what parts of the Aquaman 2 was revised. However, seeing as the sequel already underwent plenty of reshoots over the course of its production, it’s possible they had old storylines that could salvage the entire film by its final cut.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is slated for its theatrical release on December 25, 2023.

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