Sandara Park Opened Up About Feeling 'Useless' As 2NE1 Member

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Credit: MBC every1/YouTube Screenshot

Sandara Park is one of the biggest names in the world of South Korean entertainment. This is especially true in the K-pop scene, where her group, 2NE1, reached new heights throughout their run.

Seven years after their debut, though, the influential act disbanded, leaving many fans and followers in shock. The four K-pop idols, nevertheless, have carved out their own respective paths in the same space.

Despite maintaining their silence about the split, Dara previously opened up about the struggles she experienced after the disbandment. Koreaboo unearthed the interview, wherein the celebrity broke down before her audience.

Sandara Park Felt 'Useless'

The engagement took place in the 182nd episode of Video Star. In one of the segments, the guests were given the opportunity to share their thoughts and emotions before the public.

Sandara Park said that she used to think about being “useless” to 2NE1. She explained that these thoughts of hers came after seeing her co-members possess “strong” talents.

She continued that she could not enjoy some of their performances because she would think that if she sang more, it would only be “detrimental” to the act. Overall, she used to see herself as a worthless member.

Anxiety Following Disbandment In 2016

Sandara Park, then, recalled having more negative thoughts after learning about the disbandment of 2NE1. She revealed that she “suffered great anxiety,” adding that it was the “most difficult time” for her.

Apart from the anxiety, she also lost her self-confidence. She deemed those two years her “darkness,” noting that many people stopped contacting her, as well.

About Regrets, And Aftermath

Despite all the hardships and challenges, she eventually had a realization about herself. She discovered who her true friends were, so, “it was good in the end.”


She also assured her fans and followers that she has since become happy. Moreover, she has since learned how valuable and irreplaceable she is.

The only disappointment she now feels is about having this realization after the disbandment of 2NE1. The K-pop idol said that she is “regretful” of the time she lost when not feeling useful.

Sandara Park became the last member of 2NE1 to leave YG Entertainment. She only exited the label earlier this year, five years after Minzy and Bom and two years after CL.

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