Angelina Jolie Revelation: Eternals Star Thinks Memories Don’t Hold Her Back Despite Failed Marriages, Ongoing Custody Battle, Admits She’s Damaged

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Angelina Jolie recently joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Thena in Eternals. The actress wowed not only her fans, but also her kids who think she shares similarities with the fictional character.

Angelina Jolie recently spoke with OK! Magazine, in its Dec. 27 issue, about her role in the movie, as well as the impact Eternals had on her.


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Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Regret Anything She Experienced In Life

One of the actress’s biggest revelations has to do with her thoughts about memories being wiped out before regaining them just like what happened to Thena.

Jolie was asked if she thinks memories hold people back or if we learn from them. The actress gave an interesting response, which proves she doesn’t have regrets despite her two failed marriages with Jonny Lee Miller and Brad Pitt, as well as her ongoing custody battle with the latter.

“I think both. They can weigh on us, but our life is a collection of moments and memories, and they’ve all shaped us. I don’t believe in regrets. I believe that you have to let everything, even if it’s the darkest thing, shape you, and then it’s what you do with those experiences and memories,” she said.


Angelina Jolie Says Eternals Character Thena Isn’t Perfect

Jolie also pointed out that no one in this world is perfect, which is in stark contrast to Thena, who was both strong and vulnerable in Eternals.

“Nobody is perfect, not even superheroes. I’ve been very blessed with many things in life, but I also carry damage. I thought it was very important to say to people that we are all broken in one way or another. We all carry some trauma, many of us more than people know. I spent a lot of time with the director, Chloe Zang, talking about Thena’s particular damage and PTSD. For individuals who have issues with mental health, it’s struggling through it and continuing to go on that makes people truly strong and heroic,” Jolie said.

Brad Pitt Celebrated A Low-Key Birthday


There’s no indication that Jolie is ready to reconcile with her ex-husband. And it’s unclear if the Maleficent star extended an olive branch at Pitt when he celebrated his birthday last week.

Before his birthday, Daily Mail claimed that Pitt was planning a low-key celebration. And he has no plans to make a fuss over his special day.

“He's staying low-key in general. That's really the kind of guy he is anyway. [His birthday is] a natural time for reflection for him,” the source said.

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Angelina Jolie’s Advocacy


Days later, Jolie was photographed shopping with her son, Pax, and her daughter, Zahara.

The actress also visited Washington, DC with Zahara to work with advocates and lawmakers to modernize and strengthen the Violence Against Women Act. While there, the mother and daughter met with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and more.

“We need reform including judicial training, trauma-informed court processes that minimize the risk of harm to children, grant programs for technology to detect bruising across all skin tones, and create non-biased forensic evidence collection, and protections for the most vulnerable,” Jolie said.

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