Brad Pitt Fury: Jennifer Aniston’s Ex-Husband Enraged After Seeing Her Canoodling With Justin Theroux? Ad Astra Actor Jealous

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are good friends, but reaching this milestone did not come easy.

Following the exes’ divorce, Aniston went through a phase where she was heartbroken and confused especially with regards to the timeline of Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship.


According to sources, Brad Pitt reached out to Aniston after learning that her mom passed away. And since then, the exes have been in contact with each other.

Their fans are hoping that the A-listers’ friendship can grow into something more, but Pitt and Aniston both know that this won’t happen. After all, they have already moved on from each other.

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Brad Pitt Is Jealous Of Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux’s Close Bond

OK! magazine, in its Dec. 27 issue, claimed that Pitt is confused with regards to his feelings for Aniston. After all, he became upset when he saw his ex canoodling with Justin Theroux. Aniston and Theroux are filming a new movie together.

“It’s hard for Brad to see Jen getting so cozy with Justin. The possibility that Jen’s tighter with Justin stings him, for sure,” an unnamed source said.

Since Aniston and Theroux are also exes, the last thing that Pitt wants is for the Friends star to run to Theroux first before him.

“Brad takes immense pride in the tight relationship he’s built with Jen,” the unnamed source said.

Jennifer Aniston Thrilled That Brad Pitt Feels Jealous Of Justin Theroux

Aniston allegedly knows how Pitt feels regarding her closeness with Theroux. And The Morning Show actress thinks it’s cute that Pitt is a little jealous.

“Jen finds it sweet that Brad’s low-key jealous, she’s happy to show the world that she and Justin are the ‘best of friends, still,’” the unnamed source concluded.


Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Are Friends

Two weeks ago, Aniston and Theroux made headlines after they shared an adorable photo from the set of Facts of Life. However, there’s nothing romantic going on between the exes.

In April, Theroux told Esquire that he and Aniston have stayed friends three years after their split.

“I would say we’ve remained friends. We don’t talk every day, but we call each other. We FaceTime. We text. I’m sincere when I say that I cherish our friendship. She makes me laugh very, very hard. She’s a hilarious person. It would be a loss if we weren’t in contact, for me personally. And I’d like to think the same for her,” Theroux said.

Shortly after the exes announced their divorce, Aniston shared that their dog, Dolly passed away. The A-listers shared a photo of their dog being laid to rest.

One of the snaps also shows the exes holding each other’s hands.


According to Harper’s Bazaar, Dolly played a crucial role at Theroux and Aniston’s wedding in 2015. After all, Dolly and Aniston’s other dogs are like the actress’s own children.

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Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Are Buddies

As for Aniston and Pitt, the exes are also friends. The former previously called Pitt her buddy.

“Brad and I are buddies. We're friends. We speak and there's no oddness at all, except for everyone that probably watched it and was wanting there to be, or assumed there to be,” she told Howard Stern.

Aniston’s statement proves that Pitt doesn’t have anything to worry about because his ex-wife treats him as her friend and she also treats Theroux the same way.


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