Angelina Jolie Allegedly Wasn’t Dumped By The Weeknd, Jonny Lee Miller Before She Finally Asked Salma Hayek To Help Her Find Love

Credit: British Vogue/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: British Vogue/YouTube Screenshot

Angelina Jolie fans have been waiting for the day to come when the actress would finally announce that she’s dating again. The Salt actress stayed single since her divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016. Jolie is not in a rush to date anyone, obviously. In fact, she previously admitted that she has a long list of dealbreakers preventing her from finding the perfect partner.

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Angelina Jolie Wasn’t Dumped By The Weeknd And Jonny Lee Miller

But it seems some publications are fascinated with Angelina Jolie’s love life to the point that they pair her with random men. For instance, there was a time when the mom of six was rumored to be dating The Weeknd after they were photographed having dinner together.

And then, there were also allegations that Jolie wanted to get back together with her ex-husband, Jonny Lee Miller. But when this dubious story did not become a hit among the actress’s fans, the publications decided to give a different take on her love life.

They claimed that Jolie was dumped by The Weeknd and Miller. And she eventually decided to ask her The Eternals co-star, Salma Hayek, for help in trying to find love.

One source claimed that The Weeknd decided to call it quits with Jolie because she decided to date a much younger woman. As for Miller, he allegedly wasn’t ready for anything permanent, so whatever he and Jolie shared didn’t also progress into anything more serious.

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Did Angelina Jolie Ask Salma Hayek For Help With Finding Love?

And then there’s the rumor involving Hayek. Jolie is allegedly jealous of Hayek and the fact that she has already found her forever person.

“Angie envies how Salma found herself a worldly soulmate and would love that type of guy for herself,” the source said.

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Some Publications Are Obsessed With Angelina Jolie’s Love Life

However, Suggest provided several reasons as to why the publication’s claims about Jolie’s dating life couldn’t have possibly been true. First, in order for Jolie to have her heart broken because of The Weeknd and Miller means that she should’ve been in a relationship with them first.

But Jolie never dated The Weeknd, and she didn’t also get back together with Miller recently.

In fact, while she was promoting The Eternals, Jolie successfully dodged a question about her alleged connections with The Weeknd. The interviewer asked her if her children were more excited about her appearing in the Marvel movie or that she’s friends with the musician. And Jolie had the best response.

“They're very excited about this film... if that's what you're asking,” she said (via BuzzFeed News).

Jolie did not also ask Hayek for help in finding love. After all, she’s not even interested in finding someone to date. During her previous interview, the mom of six admitted that she already has high dating standards.

“I probably have a very long list. I’ve been alone for a long time now,” she said (via Cheat Sheet).

Suggest also accused the tabloids of being obsessed with Jolie’s love life, and they are not wrong.

“It could provide no evidence to prove Hayek was helping Jolie, nor that she was asking for help from anyone. Jolie’s focused on motherhood and philanthropy, so romance is obviously not a high priority at this stage of her life,” the publication stressed.

Jolie is still single right now, and it seems her relationship status will stay the same for many more years to come.

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