All World of Warcraft Expansions in The Past Are Now Free

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Since World of Warcraft was released in 2004, Blizzard has released six expansions with the seventh one arriving next month. Players had to pay the game's monthly subscription fee as well as the price of each expansion or battlechest bundle, to have access to all available content but that's about to change now.

Blizzard has announced that all the past World of Warcraft expansions will now be included in the base game for all subscribers. The new plan gives players complete access to all the available content in the game through level 110 as long as they have an active subscription. However, the Battle for Azeroth expansion that's set to release on August 14 won't be included.


Blizzard's game-changing decision is meant to attract new players and attempt to bring back lapsed players. However, I'm sure many of those who paid for the previous expansions would be pissed about this news. That's a great thing for World of Warcraft's future.

The pre-patching for Battle for Azeroth is already done, and those who pre-ordered the expansion should have access to pvp updates, class updates, and war mode.

Are you excited for the new World of Warcraft expansion?

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