aespa Members Karina And Giselle Respond To Feud Rumor

Credit: SMTOWN

Credit: SMTOWN

Nearly one year since aespa debuted, the girl group got involved in a rumor again after Karina and Giselle reportedly had a misunderstanding in one of their live broadcasts.

It all started in a V Live in June when aespa held an online fan meeting on the Naver's streaming platform. At that time, Karina looked at his co-member before sweeping her hair back for her. Giselle then put her hair back without looking at Karina.

Following the release of the broadcast, internet users assumed that the girl group members had a girl's fight following the unfriendly atmosphere.

Months after the gif version went viral, both members addressed the rumor and revealed what happened at that time.

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Did Karina And Giselle Fight?

aespa Members Karina And Giselle Respond To Feud Rumor
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Last week, aespa sat for an interview on SBS Power FM's Park So-Hyun's Love Game to share what happened between them. During the visible radio break session, Giselle fixed Karina's hair by pushing it back. The two then began laughing loudly when Giselle pushed her hair back before Karina pulled it back to the front, moving each other's hair for a long time.

It indirectly addressed their fighting controversy and revealed that what they did was only one of their unconscious behaviors during the live broadcast.

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Meanwhile, a fan also shared the playful exchange between the two and uploaded an edited clip on a YouTube channel, saying, "A reenactment of Karina and Giselle's hair pulling back."

aespa's fans immediately applauded the duo's hilarious way of addressing the rumors, saying that their recent radio appearance finally put an end to their feud rumor.

Karina And Giselle Making People Turn Their Heads

In another news, the aespa members remarkably wowed their fans with their individual teasers before their new album Savage arrived this month.

Last month, aespa's official social media accounts unveiled Karina and Giselle's teaser photos at the same time. The girl group members both garnered equal love and support due to their jaw-dropping visuals.

The SM entertainment's rookie group recently expressed how thrilled they are to have global fans. The members told PEOPLE in a recent interview about their desire to finally see their fans personally through fan meetings and concerts. As more K-pop idols announced their stage returns, particularly in the US and Europe, aespa might also follow them in the next few months.

For now, fans can enjoy seeing them dominate the world through their new albums before aespa announces their first-ever concert tours.

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