A Model Family: Good Doctor Director Kim Jin Woo To Launch New Netflix Crime Series

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Good Doctor and Love Alarm 2 director Kim Jin Woo is about to offer the new Netflix crime series, A Model Family.

The streaming giant officially added A Model Family to its catalog ahead of the series’ arrival. Before it officially appears on the site, its director opened up about the suspense drama and what to expect from it.

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Director Kim Jin Woo Drops A Model Family Details

On Friday, A Model Family will drop its episodes and tell the story of Jung Woo’s character, Dong Ha. The part-time lecturer at a college faces the lowest point of his life as he fails to get tenure while his wife, Yoon Jin Seo’s Eun Ju, asks for a divorce.

As he seeks money to cover his sick son’s surgery, he suddenly finds cash next to a dead body and steals it without knowing that it actually belongs to a drug cartel. As the chasing starts, Dong Ha realizes that he does not have a choice but to work as a drug courier to save his family.


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During a press conference before the series’ premiere (via The Korea Times), director Kim Jin Woo explains what A Model Family means.

The showrunner said:

The word, 'model,' is usually used to refer to someone else, rather than to oneself. But the reality is different. A person, looking in from the outside, might call them a model family, but when you take a closer look inside, there could be a paradox in whether you can truly say they are ideal.”

He explained that, in Korean culture, the word family has a “sense of uniqueness.”

A Model Family Cast Members Intrigued by Their Roles

During the same event, Jung Woo and Park Hee Soon (who plays Gwang Cheol role) reflected on their character and impression of the series.


According to Jung Woo, he became connected to the series instantly as soon as he began writing the script. He applauded the drama’s detailed narration that he already pictured the scenes in his head.

Asked what made his role unique, he explained that it was the first time he did not play a “normal person” role.

“I've played characters that were normal people, but (in this series), this normal person turns into a monster as he gets pushed to the edge. And there's trauma from his past that brings out a different side of him, which I felt made the character intriguing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Park Hee Soon also shared the same sentiment but added that he felt overwhelmed since he and his character share a similar interest. Eventually, he managed to differentiate himself to him because of director Kim Jin Won.

A Model Family will premiere on Netflix starting August 12.

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