Im Siwan Shares Details About Emergency Declaration Character

Credit: tvN D ENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN D ENT/YouTube Screenshot

Im Siwan feels excited as he shares the story of his character in Emergency Declaration.

The recently-released disaster film scored people’s attention as the genre has been conquering South Korean film and TV industries in the past years. For what it’s worth, the country gave birth to notable disaster flicks like Tunnel, Tidal Wave, Flue, Pandora, Sinkhole, Alive, and Ashfall.

Emergency Declaration, meanwhile, offers a fresh story as it focuses on the lives of people on a flight that has been hit with terrorist threats.

Days after its official release, Im Siwan shared further details about his character in a new interview.

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Im Siwan Says His Character Has No Backstory in Emergency Declaration

On Monday, the idol-turned actor sat for an interview with The Korea Times and talked about his role as a terrorist in the film. He plays the role of antagonist Jin Seok in the movie.

He is a vengeful biochemist who plots the attack inside the plane and harms the lives of the people on board.

According to Im Siwan, his character actually has no backstory, leaving him with “blank” mind about what kind of man the character is. Still, he saw it as a chance to act the way he wanted to expand his knowledge.

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"There's no backstory on the character of Jin-seok (in the film). I usually try to find a sense of justification (in a character's actions) when I act, because the harder it is to find one, the harder it is to act. But with Jin-seok, there wasn't any. It was a complete blank. But on the other hand, because it was blank, I had the freedom to fill it as I wanted. I portrayed Jin-seok as I built his narrative,” he told the news outlet.

Im Siwan scored a spot in the cast members list alongside Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Nam Gil, to name a few.

Im Siwan Reflects on Chance to Play Antagonist Role

Although viewers will not find his character normal or relatable, Im Siwan spoke up about the blessing he received as an actor when he scored Jin Seok’s role.

"(Some say) the role of an antagonist is a blessing as an actor. Protagonists have certain boundaries they must keep, but with the villain role, I could step out of the frame that (I must act) in a certain way. I was able to feel freedom with this work. It felt incredible to fill in my imagination. I felt liberated in terms of acting," he said.

To perfectly portray it, the idol reportedly focused himself on finding his character’s true emotions while receiving helpful advice from veteran co-stars.

Emergency Declaration premiered in South Korea on August 3.

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