How Many Episodes Will Part 2 of the 86: Eighty-Six Anime Have?

Even this early in the anime season, fans might wonder about the episode count of the 86 anime. As was the case with the first cour, the second began a little slow. However, the show proved itself perfectly capable of delivering heartbreak: don't be surprised if Part 2 escalates fast. Undoubtedly, the more the story progresses the more episodes we'll want. So, how many episodes is the Eighty-Six anime going to have?

86 Anime: What Is It About?

The 86 anime was among the most anticipated ones during the fall 2021 anime season. Of course, it didn't pick up immediately, so you might have missed it last spring.

For the uninitiated, 86: Eighty-Six is the story of Lena, an elite soldier, and Shinei, a boy who ceaselessly faces death. Both characters come from the Republic of San Magnolia but their backgrounds couldn't be more different. As a Handler, Lena knows the Republic's supposedly bloodless war with the Giad Empire is a lie. In fact, young people from division 86, such are Shin, are fighting in the supposedly unmanned drones with no chance of survival.

Lena tries to use her influence to change that. However, a large part of the first cour is about her understanding her privilege and confronting her own selfish motivations. Her contact with Shin changes her, but, in the end, she's powerless to help him.

In part 2, Shin and his friends find themselves in the newly-formed Giad Federation. After a brief recuperation, however, they decide to return to the battlefield. Meanwhile, a demoted Lena is unaware of their fate. An in-person meeting between the two is one of our greatest hopes for this cour.

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86 Anime Part 2 Episode Number

86: Eighty-Six Part 2 is going to run for a total of 12 episodes. This is only a minor improvement from the first part's 11 episodes, but the first season as a whole makes a nice total of 23. And this might not be all. Although it only recently began to air, Part 2 of 86 has an 8.5/10 rating on MyAnimeList. Anything in the Top 100 is likely to get more content, all the more so if there's enough manga and light novel material to cover.

Hopefully, for fans, 86 will go on delivering emotional punches for quite some time. Other anime you can watch this season include Blue Period and The World's Finest Assassin.

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