86: Eighty-Six Anime Episode 15 RELEASE DATE and TIME, COUNTDOWN, Where to Watch

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Credit: A-1 Pictures

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86: Eighty-Six Episode 15 will have a lot to answer for. The recently-released 14th Episode didn't do much in terms of advancing the plot, but it did remind us that our main characters are still at war, and no one is truly safe. Shin and his friends might have survived the last courfinale, but their fates are far from certain.

If you can't wait to find out, more about the next fight, read on. Below you'll find everything you need to know about 86 Episode 15 (Or 86 Season 2 Episode 4), including the episode's release date, release time, and more!

86: Eighty-Six Anime Episode 14 Recap

Warning: Spoilers for 86 Episode 14 below!

Due to their previous tough training, Shin and his friends pass the officer training, although their fellow soldiers often view them with suspicion if not disgust. Colonel Grethe takes Shin and the others to a location that has been recently reclaimed by the Federacy, where they are reunited with their former robot companion, Fido, who had been damaged in the previous cour, but got repaired with his core intact.

Federica joins them as their mascot, revealing that the Republic had the cruel custom of having little girls accompany units as little sisters or daughters, to give soldiers personal reasons to fight.

Shin is reunited with Eugene, whom he befriended earlier on, but the episode ends tragically, as Shin is forced to mercy kill a mortally wounded Eugene not long after. With another Legion attack bound to happen very soon, no one is safe.

86: Eighty-Six Anime Episode 15 Release Date

The scheduled release date for 86: Eighty-Six Episode 15, titled "Welcome Back," is going to be this Sunday the 24th of October, while fans in Canada, the US, and Europe will be able to access it from October 23.

As usual, Episode 15 will air on Crunchyroll, but if you don't have a premium account you'll have to wait at least one week longer for the newest episode, and there will be ads.

86: Eighty-Six Anime Episode 15 Release Time

86 is going to air at midnight - Japanese time - on Sunday the 24th of October. Should this timeline remain correct, 86 Episode 15, also known as 86 Season 2 Episode 4 will air in different time zones on Crunchyroll at or around the following times:

Pacific Time: 9:00 AM (October 23)
Central Time: 11:00 AM (October 23)
Eastern Time: 12:00 AM (October 23)
British Time: 5:00 PM (October 23)

86: Eighty-Six Anime Episode 15 Where to Watch

The first cour of 86 is available to watch on Crunchyroll, with subs or dubbed. The anime platform is the best place to watch 86 Episode 15 online with English subtitles, while a dub could also be announced soon.

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86: Eighty-Six Anime Episode 15 COUNTDOWN

86: Eighty-Six Episode 15 Countdown

You can watch 86 Season Episode 15 in only 5 days! We can't wait to find out what the officers' school holds for our main characters! Meanwhile, why not check out the light novel and ongoing manga? Other anime you can watch this Fall include Mushoku Tensei and World Trigger.

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