Blue Period Episode 3 Release Date and Time, COUNTDOWN, Where to Watch

Credit: Seven Arcs

Credit: Seven Arcs

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Episode 2 of Blue Period, one of the most beautiful slice of life anime this season, has just been released and I might have cried a little. Yaguchi still has a long way to go before he can even get close to art school, but the senior student who got him into painting achieved her dream - a foreshadowing, perhaps?

Getting the ones around you to support an unconventional dream is hard work and requires a lot of courage while the results aren't always immediate. Blue Period is painfully aware of that, but ended its second episode in a note of hope for all of us who have been or will be there.

Yaguchi's path is bound to be exciting from here on, so keep reading! Below you'll find everything you need to know about Blue Period Episode 3, including the episode's release date, release time, and more so that you can watch the premiere as soon as it comes out!

Blue Period Episode 2 Recap

In Blue Period Episode 2, Yaguchi applies himself wholeheartedly to the study of art, working hard throughout the summer break, but his mother is initially not supportive of his decision, as she thinks he won't be able to do anything in life with an art degree.

Yaguchi tries to remain passionate about art, even when he realizes that he's behind compared to his classmates. Not long after the summer break, Mori, the senior student whose art inspired him gets into the art college she wanted.

It's time for Yaguchi to decide if he is going to get serious about his own art by opting for prep school. While he is sure he would like to, he doesn't know how to bring it up to his mother. In the end, he persuades her the way he knows best; through a drawing. Showing a sketch he made of her, he tearfully explains that art allows him to communicate and notice things he wouldn't otherwise. His mother is moved and decides to support him.

Overall, this is an extremely heartwarming episode, and we look forward to finding out where the next will take us.

Blue Period Episode 3 Release Date

Blue Period Episode 3 is going to be available on Netflix on Saturday the 23rd of October. It will be released earlier on Netflix Japan, but at this point, we're just grateful to be able to watch the show on a weekly basis, through a platform that doesn't usually make such allowances.

Blue Period Episode 3 Release Time

Blue Period has a slightly different timeline when it comes to Netflix Japan, but the official release date for Episode 3 on Netflix is October 23 at 1.25 am JST. This translates to different timezones as follows:

Pacific Time: 9:25 AM (October 22)
Central Time: 11:25 AM (October 22)
Eastern Time: 12:25 AM (October 22)
British Time: 5:25 PM (October 22)

Blue Period Episode 3 Where to Watch

Blue Period hasn't been picked up by Crunchyroll or Funimation. Instead, it airs weekly on Netflix, where you can watch the newest episode online with English subtitles a little while after the episode's release in Japan.

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Blue Period Episode 3 COUNTDOWN

Blue Period Episode 3 Countdown

Less than four days before the next artistic adventure becomes available on Netflix. Meanwhile, The Faraway Paladin and 86 are also releasing new episodes soon.

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