6 New Kdramas To Watch Out For In June 2022

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Credit: KBS Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Kdrama fans are up for some amazing new series to watch out for in the coming days.

And to help you keep track of the dates to mark on your calendars, we have compiled six upcoming Kdramas scheduled to release in June 2022.

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Why Her?

Premiere Date: June 3

Original Network: SBS

Streaming Site: Viu, Viki

The first on the list of Kdramas currently airing and coming in June 2022 is Why Her?

The ongoing SBS Kdrama Why Her? is a series that tells the story of Oh Soo Jae, a cynical lawyer who falls in love with a law school student named Gong Chan.

Here is the official synopsis for Why Her? provided by Viu:

Everyone has a moment in life where everything changes. Some people end up regretting this moment and the new direction their life takes afterward.
Oh Soo Jae is a star attorney who has always strived for perfection and success. Everyone criticizes her for being cold-hearted and rude, but she doesn’t care what others say.
It’s not her fault that they couldn’t work hard enough to succeed. She never once regretted living her life this way. However, Soo Jae meets Gong Chan, the law school student, and everything in her life starts to shift. When Soo Jae finds herself at her darkest, Gong Chan offers his hand.

Actress Seo Hyun Jin will portray the character of Oh Soo Jae, a cynical lawyer who becomes the youngest partner at TK Law Firm. She has no life other than her career until she meets Gong Chan.

Hwang In Youp stars as the young law school student Gong Chan. He is a warm and innocent young man who hides a painful past.

Huh Joon Ho will breathe life into the character of Choi Tae Kook, the chairman of TK Law Firm. He had crossed the boundaries of good and bad in the face of his own desires. On the other hand, Bae In Hyuk will portray the character of Choi Yoon Sang, the second son of Choi Tae Kook and a second-year law student at Seojung University.

Why Her? airs its episodes every Friday and Saturday at 10:00 PM KST. The series is also are also simultaneously available for online streaming through the platforms Viu and Viki with English subtitles.

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Premiere Date: June 8

Original Network: JTBC

Streaming Site: Viki

Insider is an action-suspense Kdrama that depicts the story of Kim Yo Han, a judicial trainee who gets in charge of an undercover investigation which causes him to gamble in prison, in an attempt to obtain a hand of cards that will eventually change his future.

The upcoming JTBC KDrama will star Kang Ha Neul as Kim Yo Han, a judicial trainee living with his grandmother. He suddenly enters jail for an undercover investigation and tries his best to discover the fearful truth that will have him fight for his survival.

Lee Yoo Young will also lead the series as Oh Soo Yeon, a successful businesswoman who managed to get to where she is because of her incredible sources and connections.

On the other hand, Heo Sung Tae will breathe life into the character of Yoo Byung Wook, the chief prosecutor of the 2nd Division of Financial Tax Investigation at the Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

Insider will start airing on June 8, 2022 and will release new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 PM KST on JTBC.

Yumi’s Cells Season 2

Premiere Date: June 10

Original Network: TVING

Streaming Site: iQiyi, Viki

Yumi's Cells is a cell-based psychological romance drama based on a hit webtoon about an ordinary office worker named Yumi. The series is told from the perspective of the protagonist's brain cells that control her thoughts, feelings, and movements.

The first season premiered on September 17, 2021 and has been the talk of the town as it starred several top-notched Kdrama stars such as Goblin and The King actress Kim Go Eun and My Name actor Ahn Bo Hyun. Yumi's Cells Season 2 will also star GOT7 Jinyoung, Block B P.O, and more.

Yumi’s Cells Season 2 is scheduled to release its first episode on June 10. The Kdrama will air every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 PM KST on TVING. Consecutively, the episodes will be available for online streaming through Viki and iQiyi.

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Jinxed At First

Premiere Date: June 15

Original Network: KBS 2TV

Streaming Site: Viki, iQiyi

Jinxed At First is based on a webtoon of the same name written by Han Ji Hye and Koo Seul. It is a fantasy romance drama that depicts the story of an unlucky man who meets the goddess of fortune and luck who was hidden by a rich family.

This magical story of a goddess of fortune and luck who meets a man with an unlucky fate will pique the interest of viewers, especially with Girls’ Generation Seohyun and Na In Woo as the lead actors.

Jinxed At First will start airing on June 15, 2022 at 9:50 PM KST on KBS 2TV every Wednesday and Thursday. The series will also be available for online streaming on Viki and iQiyi.

Alchemy of Souls

Premiere Date: June 18

Original Network: tvN

Streaming Site: Netflix

Alchemy of Souls is a period Kdrama written by the Hong sisters, Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran. The series tells the story of young magicians who deal with both heaven and earth.

Here is the official synopsis provided by Netflix for the Kdrama Alchemy of Souls:

A powerful sorceress in a blind woman's body encounters a man from a prestigious family, who wants her help to change his destiny.

Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook) is descended from a noble family in Daeho. People all throughout the country know about the story of his birth.

Deok Yi (Jung So Min) happens to run into Jang Wook. She's an expert warrior, but she's confined to a physically frail frame. Although she becomes Jang Wook's personal maid, she also discreetly helps him in martial arts.

Hwang Minhyun breathes life into the character of Seo Yool, a descendant of the noble Seo family. He appears to be the perfect combination of attractive looks, intelligence, and martial arts prowess. Daeho's crown prince, Go Won (Shin Seung Ho), reigns supreme wherein his ultimate goal is to be the king.

Alchemy of Souls will premiere on tvN on June 18, 2022 and will air its episodes every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 PM KST. The much-anticipated Kdrama will also be available for online streaming through the global platform Netflix in selected countries.

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Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area

Premiere Date: June 24

Original Network: Netflix


Streaming Site: Netflix

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is the fifth on the list of Kdramas coming in June 2022.

The series follow an unprecedented hostage robbery in which genius strategists and robbers with different personalities, skills, and abilities face extraordinary hindrances throughout the execution of their plan.

The Korean remake will be spearheaded by Yoo Ji Tae as the Professor. Jeon Jong Seo will star as the fierce Tokyo, Park Hae Soo as the strategist Berlin, and Lee Hyun Woo as the handsome hacker Rio.

Actor Lee Won Jong will also star in the series as Moscow, Kim Ji Hoon as Denver, Jang Yoon Joo as Nairobi, Kim Ji Hun as Helsinki, and Lee Kyu Ho as Oslo.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will premiere on Netflix on June 24, 2022 and will have a total of 12 episodes.

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