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Yumi's Cells 2 Episode 3 Release Date And Time, Preview: Kim Go Eun Feels Awkward After Receiving A Confession + Will GOT7 Jinyoung Attend The Blind Date?

Credit: TVING/YouTube Screenshot

Yumi's Cells 2 is the second season of the cell-based psychological romance drama based on a hit webtoon about an ordinary office worker named Yumi. The series is told from the perspective of the protagonist's brain cells that control her thoughts, feelings, and movements.

For the first time in the history of Korean dramas, the drama is produced using a new format that combines live-action and 3D animation, piquing viewers' interest worldwide.

The first season focused on Yumi and Goo Woong’s relationship, which ended regretfully. Here is a Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 2 recap and what viewers can expect in episode 3.

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Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 2 Recap

Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 2 sees the aftermath of Yumi rejecting Babi’s confession. It seems that Babi is ignoring Yumi at the office, having the latter think that she had hurt his feelings.

Yumi then started to pay more attention to Babi, and she even got a “princess disease,” according to her mental health cells. This is where Yumi seems to be more attached to the idea of Babi liking her.

She also started being conscious at the office and it was obvious when she gave Babi secret glances.

One morning, Yumi forgot to turn her alarm on after spending the night overthinking about Babi and how he might have felt after she rejected him. When she was waiting for the bus, she saw Babi with his ex-girlfriend riding a taxi together. Yumi got jealous and decided that she would ignore Babi at the office.

The sudden cold atmosphere from Yumi bugged Babi. He thought that Yumi was really rejecting him and that she might be feeling uncomfortable with his presence.

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Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 2 also highlights Yumi and Babi having dinner with Ruby and Yida. After the meal, Yumi and Babi hopped on their bus. But the atmosphere is too awkward for the two of them. Babi decided to get off the bus earlier than Yumi.

Yumi got enraged as she thought Babi was running away from her. She called him and Babi fixed the misunderstanding between them, revealing that his ex-girlfriend drank too much and accidentally went to his home so he was just helping her get home safely.

The two spent the night together at an unfamiliar bus stop, wherein Babi carried on expressing himself to Yumi. She began seeing Babi from a different perspective, even cooler and more mature than what she initially saw him.

The fact that Babi was still able to express his heart even when Yumi had rejected him made the young woman admire him even more. The cells in the Cells Village also think the same and continue rooting for Yumi to end up with Babi.

Yumi also experienced a series of encounters with Babi and she found out more about him. However, when she was about to open herself to Babi, Ruby mentioned a blind date that she had organized for Babi and her friend. The revelation shocked Yumi and was confused about what Babi’s real deal was.

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Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 3 Release Date

Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 3 is scheduled to be released on Friday, June 17, 2022 on tvN. The new Kdrama airs two episodes every Friday so episode 4 will also be released the same night.

International fans can enjoy viewing the series through online streaming on Viki and iQiyi. English subtitles are provided for easy and comfortable viewing.

Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 3 Release Time

tvN Kdrama Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 3 is set to air on June 17, 2022, Friday, at 10:50 PM KST. The exact time of the episode’s release depends on your location and time zone. Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 3 will be made available on Viki with English subtitles hours after its Korean network release.

On the other hand, here are the approximate release times of the show according to different time zones.

  • Central Time: 8:50 AM (June 17)
  • British Time: 2:50 PM (June 17)
  • Eastern Time: 9:50 AM (June 17)
  • Pacific Time: 6:50 AM (June 17)
  • Philippine Time: 9:50 PM (June 17)

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Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 3 Preview

Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 3 preview sees Ruby showing pictures of her friend to Yumi. The fact that Babi went on the blind date with Ruby’s friend had Yumi’s Emotion Cell explode.

Meanwhile, the preview also revealed Yumi running towards Babi’s whereabouts; it looks like she will now relay her true emotions.

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