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2PM Taecyeon, APink Jung Eunji, And Ha Seok Jin To Unite In New Mystery Thriller Kdrama Blind

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Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Many Kdrama fans are thrilled with tvN’s new Kdrama Blind raising questions with its recent trailer featuring 2PM member Ok Taecyeon, APink main vocalist Jung Eunji, and actor Ha Seok Jin.

The tvN new Kdrama Blind will premiere in September and is scheduled to air new episodes every Friday and Saturday. It will depict the story of ordinary citizens who have experienced unfairness and injustice; and perpetrators who have turned their eyes away from the truth.

Shin Yong Hwi will direct the mystery-thriller Kdrama. He also made a mark in the industry with breathtaking development and sensuous visual directing through several works such as Tunnel and Voice 4.

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2PM Taecyeon Is A Detective In New Kdrama Blind

Taecyeon is definitely booked and busy as an actor with another Kdrama that will prove his exemplary acting skills. He will portray the character of Ryu Sungjoon; a violent crime detective bent on catching bad guys.

Ryu Sungjoon ranks first in the arrest rate thanks to his amazing work and determination to catch every criminal. He might often be misunderstood as a gangster, not a police officer, but this is because of his passion.

With Taecyeon’s role in this upcoming Kdrama, he is expected to showcase an applaudable transformation in contrast to the unexpected charm he showed as a villain in the Kdrama Vincenzo.

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APink Jung Eunji Is A Social Worker In New Kdrama Blind

Establishing herself as an impressive actress through several Kdramas, Jung Eunji will return to the small screen as Jo Eunki. She is a social worker who has endured many hardships in life yet still stands firm and determined.

Jo Eunki lives with the desire to save a child’s life, hence taking in the job as a social worker. Despite her young age, she is generous and broad-minded, which will fascinate viewers with the convincing acting that only Jung Eunji can express.

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Ha Seok Jin Is A Perfectionist Judge In New Kdrama Blind

Ha Seok Jin will take on the role of Ryu Sunghoon, the older brother of Ryu Sungjoon. He is a born genius who graduated top of his class and successfully passed the bar exam to become a perfectionist judge.

Ryu Sunghoon is straightforward and does his best to make a fair verdict. After showing realistic acting in his previous work, Three Meals A Day, Ha Seok Jin is expected to express a 180-degree turn with this forthcoming series.

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Meanwhile, the new tvN Kdrama Blind will premiere sometime in September 2022. Further details about the series will be revealed in the following days.

Don’t forget to stay updated on the latest news, spoilers, and updates about the imminent Kdrama Blind.


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