TO1 Announces Hiatus + Causes Speculations They Would Be on Boys Planet

Credit: TO1/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TO1/YouTube Screenshot

TO1, formerly known as TOO, started the scheduled temporary hiatus that sparked several speculations.

The Mnet’s reality show To Be World Klass in 2019 gave birth to the originally 10-membered group. So far, they have four extended plays – two during the TOO era and the remaining two during TO1.

However, they had to lose Chihoon recently as the member left the group last month.

But the bad news for fans did not stop there as the group’s agency delivered another shocking news.

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TO1 On Temporary Hiatus, Agency Says

Korea JoongAng Daily reported that Wake One Entertainment confirmed the band’s hiatus as of Tuesday. TO1 also halted the group’s scheduled activities.

The agency closed the boy group’s fan café and social media channels, including Twitter and Bubble.

“TO1 members will dedicate this time toward recharging and preparing to come back to its fans with a fresh new start and a new release, so we ask for your understanding of our decision,” the official statement said.

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Meanwhile, Jaeyun will continue hosting Arirang TV’s After School Club despite TO1’s recent decision.

Their rapper, Chihoon, reportedly decided not to renew his contract with the agency and leave the group.

After rapper Chihoon’s recent departure, only nine members are left -- Donggeon, Chan, Jisu, Minsu, Jaeyun, J.You, Kyungho, Jerome, and Woonggi.

TO1 Sparks Redebut Buzzes

After the announcement, fans made several speculations as it was not the first time the group faced a temporary hiatus due to reorganization.

Previously, the then-TOO took a break from 2021 to 2022 when their management rights were transferred to Wake One Entertainment. They restructured from TOO to TO1, then.

With that, fans started thinking about several potential reasons behind the hiatus.

Some said that TO1 might switch out or change members, others assumed they would come back as TO2.

Fans also said they might join the upcoming Mnet survival program, Boys Planet, so they need to take a break for now.

These should be taken with a grain of salt as Wake One Entertainment did not provide further information about the development.

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