2NE1 Former Member Minzy Surprises Fans With New Single Fantabulous

Credit: MINZY TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MINZY TV/YouTube Screenshot

2NE1 members have been pursuing their solo careers after disbanding in 2016.

Before the K-pop industry conquered the international scene, 2NE1 became one of the most iconic and powerful girl groups during their era when it debuted in 2009. Despite their split, they remained one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, with 66.5 million records sold.

Almost all of the girl group's songs became everyone's anthem, beginning with the promotional single Lollipop alongside the then-five-piece group BIGBANG. In the years after that, they continued to drop more hit songs like Fire, I Don't Care, Go Away, I Love You, I Am The Best, Ugly, and Come Back Home.

Before officially disbanding, YG Entertainment confirmed Minzy's departure in April 2016. The label added that 2NE1 would continue as a trio, but it did not last long after the agency revealed that the group had disbanded already.

All members tried their luck in different agencies in the past years, and Minzy recently dropped her newest single.

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2NE1 Minzy is Back With Fantabulous MV

On Minzy's official YouTube channel, Minzy TV, the K-pop star dropped the official music video for her newest single, Fantabulous.

The song features upbeat Latin pop music that shows Minzy's skills as a singer, dancer, and rapper. She then delivers a positive message for everyone about self-love.

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The release of the MV came after she first teased the fans with a five-second clip. It has moving images of a red heart with the number 12 inside it, the phrase "Are You Ready?" and a notice "Coming soon." Fantabulous became her latest comeback after releasing TEAMO in July.

For this project, Minzy famously collaborated with songwriter Francesca Richard, who wrote the song. Richard previously worked with artists including Natti Natasha and Daddy Yankee for their new projects. The K-pop idol also created the lyrics and choreography herself.

Minzy Learning to Love Herself

The message behind Minzy's Fantabulous resonated with what she pledged in her recent interview.

In July, she sat down for an interview with South China Morning Post, where she talked about loving herself. According to the idol, she struggled with depression when she was promoting with the group since she was not able to go to school again and have new friends aside from the other 2NE1 members.

"When I was young, I was very careful and worried about everything. I was so busy then … At the time, all I was thinking about was whether I was making mistakes on stage or if there was something I could improve. But I wasn't able to enjoy the moments," she said.

After leaving the group, Minzy finally reached a better place where her mental health remains the healthiest, and fans began looking forward to what she has to offer soon.

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