Hellbound Shock: Netflix Korea Picks Scariest Part Of Hit Series

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Hellbound scared everyone who watched it – even its creators.

On November 19, the series that beat Squid Game arrived on the streaming platform and set a new record. Netflix revealed that the webtoon-based series garnered 43 million "hours viewed" during its first three days.


The record outshined all the former most-watched TV series in both English and non-English top 10 bets – overpowering Squid Game (30 million), Arcane (38 million), and Tiger King Season 2 (30 million).

Although Hellbound only has six episodes, it still scared the people who already viewed the series. But among its scenes, Netflix Korea chose one scariest moment people missed.

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Netflix Korea Reveals Scariest Part On Hellbound


Netflix Korea uploaded a new Hellbound image on its Instagram, telling its viewers that it is the most goosebumps-inducing scene on the series.

The image features actors Park Jung Min and Han Woo Yeol, who appear to be sitting inside a press conference room when the broadcast officials met the New Truth's officers. The caption reads (as translated by AllKpop), "The most goosebumps-inducing thing about 'Hellbound': K-company men who go to work no matter what the situation is."

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Each photo also has text explaining the characters' situations after going to work. The text under Park Jung Min's image says, "He still went to work even if his baby was sentenced to hell," while the one under Han Woo Yeol's photo reads, "He still went to work when it was the day he was to be bound to hell."

This reflected the sad – and scary – truth about the working condition in the county as Korean company men never take a break from work no matter what.

It scared other people, too, but Netflix Korea captioned the post with something hilarious and revealed they shared it "while going to work."

The Latest On Hellbound World


Following the success of the series, its origin also made a massive move to expand the horror anthology.

Writer Yeon Sangho, the writer of the webtoon series who also served as the flick's director, will have his manga translated in English by Danny Lim and Dark Horse comics. The webtoon already entered webtoons.com, where the translators will upload newly translated chapters every Tuesday starting this week.

Yeon Sangho first shared the world of Hellbound through the animated short film The Hell (Two Kinds of Life) between 2003 and 2006. Sooner or later, his masterpiece will receive a new adaptation again.

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