1000-Lb Sisters Fans Bet On How Long Tammy Slaton's Nurse Tisa Will Last

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1000-lb Sisters fans weighed in on how long Tammy Slaton's new nurse would last because many have already given up looking after the TLC star. Some felt that she wouldn't last, while others bet that she would last longer than the previous nurses.

1000-lb Sisters Bet on How Long Nurse Tisa Could Tolerate Tammy Slaton

The viewers saw how Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy Slaton treated the new nurse, Tisa, on her first day. Following what they witnessed, the netizens immediately bet on how long Tisa could hold the position.


"Place your bets," one fan wrote on Reddit. "She seems cool and easygoing and I think she’s building a good rapport with Tammy, but we know her client won’t stay on good behavior for long, and everyone has their limits."

The netizens weighed in on Tisa's treatment of Tammy, and they felt that she could handle the reality star. They are actually rooting for her because they see how professional she is.

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"Longer than most. Seems like she's been around the medical field for a bit and you get really use to abusive patients and their families," one commented. "And she seems like she's figured out to almost treat Tammy like a 6-year-old and steer her in the direction she needs to go, while making it seem like it was 100% Tammy's idea. Which really, is the best way to go."

"Honestly, Tisa is a professional. I see her lasting a while, and if she gets fired, it’s because Tammy finally realizes she can’t manipulate her," another user said.

"If I needed one, Tisa would be my dream caretaker. I'd also love to have her as a friend because she'd make it damn near impossible to stay depressed for very long," a third user added.

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1000-lb Sisters Tammy Slaton's Sister Amy Might Fire Tisa

Meanwhile, some 1000-lb Sisters viewers felt that Amy might be the one who would fire Tisa. According to some netizens, Tammy's sister seemed to not like Tisa or had unrealistic expectations from the professional nurse.

"I feel like Amy will be the one to make her quit or fire her. So far, Tisa seems able to deal with Tammy and keep Tammy from getting really mad. But I guess Tisa’s only been there for a couple of weeks," one netizen wrote. "Amy’s the one who seems to have a problem with Tisa, thinking Tisa’s not doing enough. I think Tisa’s doing a good job. She’s trying to meet Tammy where she’s at and trying to work with Tammy to make some progress and not have Tammy go into total shut down mode."

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"Amy will send her packing. Why she thought Tisa could solve Tammy's mental issues and get her to 150 lbs in two shifts is beyond me," a second user agreed. "When Amy came creeping out the house to bother Tisa after a full 8 hours of cleaning Tammys a-- I gasped."

Meanwhile, a third user agreed, saying that it was Amy who complained about Tisa, so she could only see Tisa lasting more than three months or so. However, the netizen acknowledged how great Tisa was in doing her job. But the audience said that Tisa could only push and encourage Tammy, the latter still has the last word if she will cooperate or not.

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 airs every Monday on TLC at 10 p.m. ET.

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