Here's How WandaVision Episode 8 Could Introduce Doctor Strange

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By Nobelle Borines | More Articles Hoarder of Fantasy Books and Stephen King Wannabe
February 20, 2021  11:59 AM

Fans still can't get over the shocking reveal in WandaVision Episode 7. However, there's another reason why people are hyped up over the show's main villain revelation. After all, it could confirm that Doctor Strange will finally make an appearance in WandaVision Episode 8.

In Breaking the Fourth Wall, Agnes revealed that she is actually Agatha Harkness and that she has been manipulating Wanda Maximoff all this time. The big difference is, Agnes now has Billy and Tommy in her lair and she managed to trap Wanda in her basement as well.

It's gratifying to know that the popular fan theory about Agnes was right all along. On the other hand, it means trouble for Wanda as she has now been bewitched by Agatha. So who could come to her rescue?

The mid-credits scene already suggested that Monica Rambeau will be close to finding Wanda but she's also been discovered by Pietro Maximoff, who was actually brought to life by Agatha. With that in mind, fans believe that it's time for Doctor Strange to take action.

In Thor: Ragnarok, Stephen Strange told the God of Thunder that he keeps tabs on magic users. There is a possibility that the Sorceror Supreme is aware of what Wanda is doing but left her alone so she could deal with her trauma on her own. But if Wanda stops using magic, it's possible that Doctor Strange will check in on her in WandaVision Episode 8.

Interestingly, Doctor Strange's arrival in WandaVision may have also been teased by Episode 7's commercial. In the Nexus antidepressant ad, it was recommended not to take the pill unless "your doctor has cleared you to move on with your life." This could be a reference to the Sorceror Supreme.

Will Doctor Strange finally arrive to save the day? WandaVision Episode 8 will premiere on Disney+ on February 26.

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