Who does Sayu end up with in Higehiro? Does She End up with Yoshida Explained

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June 04, 2021  04:58 PM

Who does Sayu end up with in Higehiro? It's a question every fan of the anime has! Of course, the series isn't going to reveal the answer right away. That's what the romantic comedy suspense is for! But don't worry, we've got an answer from the light novel.

Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway has introduced to us an uncanny meeting between Sayu and Yoshida under a streetlight in the wee hours of the night leading to a romantic comedy of playing house and starting something between them. As the story progresses, who does Sayu end up with? Does she end up with Yoshida or will Yoshida have someone else?

Who does Sayu end up with in Higehiro? Does she end up with Yoshida Explained

The light novel series of the same name by Shimesaba with the illustrations of booota published in Kadokawa's Kakuyomu and later in Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko imprint, and the manga series of the same author with the illustrations of Imaru Adachi published in Kadokawa Shoten's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Ace, has been brought to the screens for an animated series with 13 episodes.

Project No. 9 brings to life the story of Yoshida and Sayu, an uncanny meeting of two people in the middle of the night under the streetlights. Yoshida, 26 years old, works for a major IT company who just got heartbroken so he drank his feelings out. The same night, on his way home, he saw Sayu, a girl who ran away from home. She asked if she could stay with him and despite being hesitant at first, Yoshida agreed, with nothing in return.


Who does Sayu end up in Higehiro? Does she end up with Yoshida?

Who does Sayu end up with in Higehiro? Does she end up with Yoshida Explained 1

With a dark past looming behind her, Sayu was extremely lucky to encounter Yoshida that fateful night when they met. She moved from place to place until she reached Tokyo. For some reason yet unknown, she ran away from home and never looked back. All she had when she left home are the clothes she’s wearing, her high school uniform, a brown sweater, and black lingerie in her blue backpack.

Through her six months of jumping from place to place, she resorted to seducing guys to let her stay and have food to eat in exchange for her body to have a roof over her head and food on her hands. As young as 17, she faced a hard life just to get away from home. With Yoshida in her life, things started to become great: she now has a home to stay in and a part-time job.

To date, both the anime and the manga series haven’t been revealed yet if Sayu ends up with Yoshida. Given that Yoshida has a lot of women in his life, one could easily say he is a man with principles, not biting on the bait despite having it served in front of him. His morals are upright and he respects women. His life brightened up when Sayu arrived, making his home his safe and cozy place.

Yoshida could end up with Gotou, such would be the most plausible thing to happen as he has been admiring her for five years already and he didn’t stop even when he got rejected, even when Sayu arrived in his life. She also likes Yoshida back but rejected him thinking he only wants her body and afraid the relationship won’t work.

But Sayu, what are the odds she will end up with Yoshida? Well, to start, she has her own demons to love. Sayu still has a lot to love on herself first before she could take on a serious relationship. She has to mend her broken relations with her family before being able to fully love someone else, in this case, Yoshida. To cut it short, Sayu has to learn to love herself first before anyone else.

Who does Sayu end up with in Higehiro? Does she end up with Yoshida Explained 2

And if and when she ends up with Yoshida, he will surely be of great help for her to learn this through him. To start, Yoshida was the first guy who never took advantage of her and her body in exchange for giving her a roof over her head and sustenance for everyday life. Despite offering herself to him, Yoshida could’ve taken the offer but he didn’t as he respects her that much.

Living together could teach Sayu all these, looking at how Yoshida treats her screams how she should treat and look at herself. After all, Yoshida offered to stay as long as she wants until she decides to go back home. It’s not far from reality that Yoshida falls for her as well given their situation and circumstance. They may end up together and continue their setup. Do you think that will happen?

Tune in to Higehiro to find out more. Higehiro releases new episodes weekly every Tuesday at 10:30 PM JST/ 6:30 AM PT/ 8:30 AM CT/ 9:30 AM EST/ 2:30 PM BST via Crunchyroll.

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