Is Snowpiercer on Netflix or Hulu? Where to watch Season 1 & 2 of the TNT Series

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January 14, 2021  11:59 AM

Snowpiercer reshaped what the post-apocalyptic world means. Imagine a frozen earth where what is left of humanity stay on a train that never stops moving while circling the world and the line between the rich and the poor is clearly drawn as the rich enjoy a lavish lifestyle on the front coach while the poor gets cramped on the back end of the train. Creating a social battle between the classes while survival is at stake, the back coach infiltrates the front to even out the injustice in hopes of bringing democracy on what remains to be the last of mankind.

SnowpiercerThe largest cable release of 2020 airs on TNT every week and for those who cannot catch the series on time, here is where you can catch Seasons 1 and 2 of Snowpiercer.

Where to watch Snowpiercer Season 1 and 2?

For a quick recap, the first season of Snowpiercer introduces the dystopian world of ice and the train that will take everyone around the globe but without any stopovers. The second season will begin with the last events of Season 1.

Snowpiercer on TNT

TNTAs it is from the company itself, Snowpiercer is available on the TNT website for free for a limited time. It can also be rented or purchased on the website for unlimited streaming. TNT will be releasing Snowpiercer’s second season exclusively.

Is it on HBO Max?HBO max

Season 1 of Snowpiercer is here! Although Season 2 will not immediately be on HBO Max, given that the first season is here, HBO Max may have it soon.

Is it on Hulu?Hulu

Sadly, the first season of Snowpiercer is not available on Hulu. What’s going to be available on Hulu+ Live TV is the second season.

Is it on Amazon Prime?

Amazon PrimeNo, Snowpiercer Seasons 1 and 2 are not available on Amazon prime but what you can download from Amazon itself is the app of TNT where you can stream Snowpiercer.

Is it on Netflix?

NetflixYes, it will be on Netflix but unfortunately, for those living in the US, Snowpiercer Season 1 and 2 will not be available on Netflix as it will be exclusively launched on TNT. The good news is that for those living outside of the US, Snowpiercer Season 1 is available for streaming, and season 2 is coming.

Snowpiercer fans, rejoice! The series is confirmed to have a third season so there will surely be more in the story!

Snowpiercer Season 2 premieres on January 25, 2021, on TNT.

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