Kemono Jihen Anime Episode 8 Release Date, Release Time, Where to Watch English Sub Online, Countdown, News and Everything You Need to Know

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February 22, 2021  03:09 PM

Kemono Jihen episode 7 was released yesterday, and it was one of the most interesting so far, especially since it was so personal to one of our main characters. In  Episode 6, Shiki decided to face his past trauma and enquire about his missing mother. But is he going down a darker path? Here's all you need to know before an episode of the supernatural shōnen anime is released: 


Kemono Jihen Overview and Episode 7 Preview

Kemono Jihen

In Kemono Jihen, the main character Kabane is taken in by Inugami, a detective specializing in the occult, and befriends Inugami's other wards, Akira and Shiki. All children and Inugami himself are Kemono - human-beast hybrids - and their job is to resolve tensions between humans and Kemono. 

In episode 7, Inugami and the boys go on a trip to meet Shiki's uncle, Akio and find out more about the fate of Shiki's mother. The man - a scholar interested in the occult - appears to care about Shiki, but when he claims his sister-in-law is dead something seems off.

Shiki tries to appear strong but being back in his hometown the memories he had repressed return to him and finds he remembers differently. It's revealed that Shiki's mother - a spider Kemono - submitted to horrible experimentation to gain money so that Shiki would be able to live in peace as a human child. 

As a young boy, Shiki saw what happened to his mother, which left him deeply traumatized. Akio then separated Shiki from her, hoping that Shiki would forget the event. But this is not all: Akio was the one who facilitated the experiments, trying to produce precious spider silk he read about and using Shiki's mother as a host. 

Shiki is determined to kill his uncle and Kabane promises to help him. The boys have killed before, but not someone close to them. Will they actually go through with it? Episode 8 can't come soon enough!


Kemono Jihen Anime Episode 8 Release Date

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen is aired every Sunday. Episode 8, fittingly titled "Truth"  is going to be released next Sunday, the 28th of February for premium Funimation users. Those streaming without a subscription will be able to watch  Episode 7 on that day, but will have to wait until the 7th of March to watch Episode 8.


Kemono Jihen Anime Episode 8 Release Time

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen episodes are aired weekly at 22:00 JST. For the US and Canada, this would be around 8:00 AM and for Central Europe around 14:00. 


Kemono Jihen Anime Episode 8 Where to Watch with English Sub Online

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen is available to watch on Funimation. Subscribed users can watch the episodes on the official release date. Non-subscribed users can watch said episodes a week later. Fans located in New Zealand and Australia can find Kemono Jihen on AnimeLab.


Kemono Jihen Anime Episode 8 Countdown

Kemono Jihen

There are only 6 days left before Kemono Jihen Episode 8 hits our screens on Funimation. Those who stream for free will be able to watch the next episode in 13 days. 

In the meantime, you can check out other great anime shows that are currently ongoing such as Jujutsu Kaisen and Wonder Egg Priority

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