The Good Doctor Season 5 Spoilers & Trailer: Will Shaun Still Marry Lea?

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By Catherine Armecin | More Articles
September 15, 2021  10:09 AM

The Good Doctor has released the new trailer for season 5. In the last season, Lea (Paige Spara) proposed to Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore). In the new trailer, Lea is busy preparing for her perfect dream wedding. However, it seems that something is wrong on their wedding day.

The Good Doctor trailer shows first look of Shaun, Lea's wedding day

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In The Good Doctor Season 5 trailer, Lea is very occupied preparing for her and Shaun's big day.

She couldn't get the wedding off her mind that it even bother her in her sleep. In one scene, she wakes up in the middle of the night presumably stressing over the wedding planning. Shaun asks her if she is okay and if the wedding is still on.

"Yeah," she replies. "Okay," Shaun says and gets back to sleep.

Meanwhile, during a surgery, Shaun tells his fellow surgeons that Lea is planning the wedding. The two offer a piece of marriage advice and Shaun seemingly rejects it because both of them are divorced.

"The first time I got married, it was a disaster," Paige says recalling her first wedding. "I really need to get this right."

Her friend tells her that if she is not willing to risk little things going wrong, she will never have the big things going great.

During their wedding ceremony, the officiant asks Shaun if he takes Lea to be his wife. Shaun appears uncomfortable and seems to cover his ears. Then he can be heard saying, "I'm sorry," in the trailer.

After watching the trailer, many are wondering if the wedding is still on. Will Shaun and Lea tie the knot or will they call off their wedding?

Although the trailer seems to suggest that Shaun and Lea might cancel their wedding, the viewers are convinced that the wedding is still on. One netizen commented in this video showing a portion of the trailer saying, "Interesting that we didn't see him [Shaun] SAY the words 'I'm sorry'." The online user suggested that the "trailer is trying to trick us." Another agreed and wrote that "the trailer is misleading."

A different netizen speculated that maybe Shaun said the words "I'm sorry" when Lea was having a nightmare amid the wedding planning. Meanwhile, another said that Shaun saying "I'm sorry" during their wedding ceremony probably happened only in Lea's dream that was why she woke up in the middle of the night.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Premiere Date & More

Many fans are hoping to see Dr. Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) at Shaun's wedding. She was one of the persons who really care and look after Shaun.

Thomas was among the series regulars until she decided to leave the show after season 4 to open her door for other opportunities. However, she is hoping to return as a guest star in the future, per Entertainment Weekly. So, she might attend Shaun and Lea's big day.

"I've had conversations with Freddie about coming back, and absolutely, yes. Really for me, if there was more time in the year to be able to shoot the show and to be able to go off and do some of the other things that I'm wanting to explore now, I'd do both. It has not been an easy decision for me to leave, so I absolutely would love to come back every now and then and say hi, I'm very much looking forward to that," Thomas said about a potential appearance on the series after her departure.

The Good Doctor Season 5 will premiere on Monday, Sept. 27 on ABC.

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