30 Great Colorless Utility Lands To Improve Your Magic: The Gathering Commander Deck

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles Comic book geek and Magic: the Gathering player
April 17, 2020  10:13 AM
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Looking to add some spice to your Commander deck? Lands are often underlooked and also one of the easiest ways to add variety to your deck without messing with your core strategy. Today we are going to take a lot at some of the more powerful, underrated, or niche land cards you can consider adding to your Commander deck.

Here are 30 Colorless Utility Lands To Improve Your Commander Deck:

1Reliquary Tower

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If you’re running a deck with card draw such as Rhystic Study, you should highly consider this card. Any blue deck can benefit from Reliquary Tower. Especially if you are biding your time and often not playing cards.

2Temple of the False God

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This is one of my favorite budget mana accelerator lands. You do often get screwed with this card when you fail to draw that fifth land, so only run this if you are already running a good proportion of land cards.

3Rogue’s Passage

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Rogue’s Passage has won me an insane amount of games. I love running this in my mono-green Omnath deck. A lot of times my huge green creatures without trample can’t get the job done because of blockers. Rogue’s Passage solves that dilemma and crushes stalemates.

4Ancient Tomb

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If you can afford it, and hopefully you can now that it has been reprinted, Ancient Tomb is a must include in any deck. Playing a signet on turn 1 is huge.

5Strip Mine

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Ok, nobody likes land destruction, but you have to admit Strip Mine is a powerful card that can give you two for ones against bounce lands and deal with pesky land combos.

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