Zom 100: Studio Shaft Reportedly Leaves Project as Production Issues Mount

Zom 100 Shaft Shizuka

Zom 100 Shaft Shizuka

Zom 100 has already suffered numerous delays, but it seems that the problems for the show are not over yet. Recently, fans noticed that the latest Zom 100 episode no longer credited Shaft, prompting fears that the studio has left due to production issues.

This new zombie anime is made primarily by the new studio BUG FILMS, though it seems that releasing it in Summer 23 was too much of a challenge as studio Shaft may have just stopped working on the show.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Faces Major Production Setbacks

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While many were interested in the series ahead of its premiere, Zom 100 quickly gained attention after its first couple of episodes thanks to its unique twist on the tired zombie apocalypse formula.

There were some concerns a third of the way through as the show’s fourth episode was delayed by one day on international streaming platforms.

Instead of being a one-off though, this delay was followed by even worse ones.

Soon, the show’s fifth and sixth episodes were delayed by one week each, pretty much confirming that the production is struggling to keep up.

Last week, it was announced that even more episodes will be delayed. For starters, the show’s eighth and ninth episodes will be moved by one week.

This isn’t the worst news though, as it was also confirmed that Episodes 10-12 are all delayed indefinitely, prompting many to think that Zom 100 is Summer 23 season’s NieR: Automata Ver1.1a.

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Studio Shaft Might Have Left Zom 100’s Production

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Unbeknownst to many viewers, the iconic anime studio Shaft of the Monogatari series and March Comes In Like a Lion fame, is also credited in Zom 100.

While BUG FILMS (which is composed of ex-OLM staff) is the lead studio, Shaft is credited for extra animation and background work for the anime. In fact, Shaft’s logo even appears in the opening and ending credits.

In the latest episode though, some fans spotted that that episode’s credits no longer feature Shaft as only BUG FILMS’ logo appears.

Of course, it might just be that Shaft did not work on the new episode aside from some background art.

However, fans seem to believe that the show’s production issues caused Shaft to take a step back.

Whatever the case may be, what’s undeniable is that Zom 100 is this season’s most delayed show.

Here’s hoping that the staff can sort the issues given how good its current episodes are.

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