Zom 100 Anime Gets Further Delays, New Release Schedule Announced

Zom 100 Release Schedule Akira

Zom 100 Release Schedule Akira

We’ve already seen several anime delays this season, but Zom 100 is easily the worst affected of them all. After already getting multiple delays, the Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead anime is getting further delays, with a new release schedule being announced.

The show’s next two episodes will air in the following weeks, but Episodes 8 and 9 will be pushed back further. But what’s worse is that the rest of the show’s episodes have been delayed indefinitely.

This might be a bit of déjà vu for some anime fans, especially those who kept up with the Nier anime.

Zom 100 Is Becoming This Season’s NieR: Automata Ver1.1a

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Winter 23 was a memorable anime season, but mostly for the wrong reasons. That season had a lot of delayed anime, with shows like Ayakashi Triangle and NieR: Automata Ver1.1a among the hardest hit.

After getting multiple delays, the Nier anime finally ended its first season in July, which is almost four months after its original end date. Now, it seems that history is repeating itself with Zom 100.

The anime first got a one-day delay with its fourth episode. At the time, this wasn’t a huge cause for concern.

But things changed with the fifth episode, as it was delayed by one week. After this, the show’s sixth episode was delayed by another week. This caused fans to fear the worst for the show.

Fears about more delays turned out to be true as Zom 100 was rocked with even more schedule changes, enough that a new release schedule was announced.

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Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Announces Updated Release Schedule

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On the show’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, it was revealed that Episodes 6 and 7 will be released on August 27 and September 3, respectively, though the next episodes will be moved.

Zom 100 Episodes 8 and 9 will be released on September 17 and 24, respectively – that’s one week later for both. Meanwhile, September 10 will feature a recap episode instead.

Finally, Episodes 10 and 12 will be released at a later date, which will be announced when they’re ready.

Here’s a handy list of the new release schedule:

  • August 27 – Episode 6
  • September 3 – Episode 7
  • September 10 – Recap Episode
  • September 17– Episode 8
  • September 24 – Episode 9

Given the new schedule, it’s all but confirmed that the final three episodes of the show will not air in the Summer 23 season. But here’s hoping that fans won’t have to wait for months before they get released.

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