Zom 100 Movie vs. Anime: Which Is Better?

Zom 100 Movie vs. Anime: Which Is Better?
Credit: Bug Films

Zom 100 Movie vs. Anime: Which Is Better?
Credit: Bug Films

The Zom 100 movie, which stars Eiji Akaso (of Kamen Rider Build fame), finally made its Netflix debut! But how does the film compare with its anime counterpart? Which is better: the Zom 100 movie or the anime?

Zom 100 is a dystopian, zombie, and comedy horror anime and manga series that centers around a former corporate slave turned zombie survivor named Akira Tendo.

He aims to finish his ultimate bucket list of the dead before he ever turns into one of them!

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Zom 100 Movie vs. Anime: More Content in the Anime

The Zom 100 movie has a runtime of 2 hours and 8 minutes, covering the first few chapters of the Zom 100 manga, where Akira Tendo was introduced as the main protagonist of the series, up until he turned against his former boss, Kosugi Gonzou.

And the way the plot is unfolding in the Zom 100 anime, it looks like it will cover the events that will happen beyond that particular incident.

We’re assuming that the anime will end in Akira’s village, following the devious plan of Kanta Higurashi and his comrades.

In addition, Beatrix Amerhauser, the foreigner who loves all things Japanese, is also present in the anime, while the movie left her out of the plot.

This is a huge bummer for her fans, who are looking forward to her appearance in the movie.

Zom 100 Movie vs Anime: More Content In the Anime
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Credit: Bug Films

As expected, the Zom 100 movie has less content than the anime, which has a total of 12 episodes. It has to cut down some scenes from the manga and the anime in order to stick with its run time.

On the contrary, the anime has been faithful to the manga. It also takes time to introduce the characters, most especially Shizuka Mikazuki, who has her own complicated background behind her behavior and attitude toward Akira and Kencho.

The Zom 100 Anime Is Funnier

Of course, the Zom 100 movie has fewer funny antics than the anime. One of which is the absence of Kencho’s naked butt dance, which he often uses to distract the zombies who are coming for Akira’s blood and flesh.

On the other hand, the Zom 100 anime is rich in Akira and Kencho’s banter, which fans enjoy a lot.

Also, Akira sometimes behaves like One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy, who will stop at nothing even in the face of danger. Akira is a simpleton who is easily satisfied with beer, similar to Luffy, who is easily satisfied with meat!

Nonetheless, both the movie and the anime are funny on their own. It’s just that the Zom 100 movie will never compare to the anime’s funny characters, especially their hilarious expressions.

The Zom 100 Movie Has More Blood and Gore

The Zom 100 movie has more blood and gore, similar to other zombie and/or slasher films, as expected in its cinematic experience.

It is not for the fainthearted, as viewers will often see the mangled bodies of zombies who are hungry for more blood and flesh.

By the end of the movie, the zombie shark is disturbing enough to make someone look away, at least for a while.

But as the viewers get used to seeing the zombie shark with zombiefied legs chase its potential victims, the funnier it gets.

Meanwhile, the Zom 100 anime censors the blood and gore with polychromatic coloring. The blood splatters can’t be seen as red, as they get animated in different colors.

Perhaps it has something to do with the anime’s style, which greatly complements its fun and easygoing atmosphere.

Zom 100 Movie vs. Anime: Tweaks in Sequence of Events

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While the Zom 100 anime is more faithful to the source material, the Zom 100 movie tweaks the series of events in its storyline.

The movie also changed some scenes, particularly the wine and dine with the flight attendants moment, which should not have included the aspiring doctor, Shizuka Mikazuki.

The most noticeable difference is the absence of the RV show, where Shizuka and the rest of the gang went to get a camper van.

But in the movie, the gang obtained a camper van after they were attacked by the flight attendants in one of the branches of Don Quixote's discount shop.

Zom 100 Movie vs Anime: Tweaks in Sequence of Events
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Credit: Bug Films

The incident in the aquarium also changed, as Kosugi uses the aquarium as the refugee area, contrary to the manga, which used a separate location.

To cut a long story short, it almost seems like the movie joined the two events together to save runtime.

So, if you want to watch a more faithful adaptation, it’s much better to watch the Zom 100 anime than the film.

So, Which Is Better Between the Zom 100 Movie and Anime?

Zom 100 Movie vs Anime: Which Is Better?
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Credit: Bug Films

Overall, the Zom 100 anime is much better than the movie in terms of content, humor, and faithfulness to the source material.

But if you only have a little time to spend and if you prefer a bloodier and gorier approach to the series, you can watch the Zom 100 movie instead.

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