Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon Will Be Facing Off Against a DCEU Movie

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

After his contributions to the DCEU franchise, Zack Snyder has now moved on to heading his own original projects for Netflix starting with the zombie heist film Army of the Dead and now the upcoming epic science-fiction film Rebel Moon which is set to release on the streamer later this year.

Yesterday, Netflix confirmed the release date of Rebel Moon this year which will be on Friday, December 22 which is perfect for the holiday season and it suggests that the streamer is setting it up as their prime original movie for that period.

However, as The Direct pointed out in their report, the release date of Snyder's upcoming film puts it in an interesting spot since it will also be around the same time as the release of the DCEU film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is slated for December 25.

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While Rebel Moon will obviously premiere in a streaming service which is a different release from the DCEU film, there is also a likelihood that it will be released in selected theaters just like some of the Netflix original films in the past which would also mean that we could see the two films playing on the big screens at the same time.

This is certainly an interesting situation considering that we've seen a lot of DC fans show their support for Snyder and demand for #RestoreTheSnyderVerse even though the director has already moved on and is focused on working on his original films as part of his deal with the streamer.

Will we see an actual rivalry between the two films? It is hard to tell at the moment. Obviously, there is some competition there, but it is also worth noting that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom stemmed from Snyder's casting of Jason Momoa in the role and it is one of the few remnants of the so-called "Snyder-verse."

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Rebel Moon is set to release on Netflix on December 22 while Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will arrive in theaters a few days later on Christmas Day.

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