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Yu Jae Seok Net Worth 2022: Running Man Star Shares Plan on Wealth He Earned As Nation's MC

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Yu Jae Seok has a plan for his wealth – and it does not involve his children.

For three decades, Yu Jae Seok grew to become the Nation’s MC. So far, he has hosted several variety shows and made them known internationally through his skills, including Running Man, Infinite Challenge, Hangout With Yoo, and Happy Together.

Outside hosting, he also works as a comedian and member of the seasonal supergroup, SSAK3.

With the projects he had, Yu Jae Seok can surely secure the future of his children. But he clarified the plans he has for his wealth.

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Yu Jae Seok Says He He Won’t Give His Wealth to His Children

On the May 24 episode of the Kakao TV’s PLAYou, Yu Jae Seok was asked whether he would want his son to inherit his personality or wealth.

Per the renowned host, 80 percent of his viewers knew that he would choose to have his son inherit his personality instead – and they were right.

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"I always tell Ji-ho (his son) and Na-Eun (his daughter) to respect people around them and be thoughtful and considerate of them at all times. That's one important thing that I teach them. I also tell them to learn the sort of things that they think are right actions and behaviors in life,” he said.

With that, he told the viewers that he would only give his children “pocket money” and make them earn their own money.

Yu Jae Seok Net Worth 2022

Wealthy Persons estimated that Yu Jae Seok’s net worth in 2022 is $12 million.

As of press time, Yu Jae Seok receives $12,000 per episode on his shows. His estimated earnings on his TV show appearances are already around $2.2 million dollars.

On top of these, he gets $478,000 to $558,000 per commercial shooting, making him earn approximately $6.6 million per year.

Yoo Jae Suk’s net worth in 2022 skyrocketed, even more, thanks to his second heyday, Hangout with Yoo.

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