ASTRO MJ Reflects on Benefits After Debuting as Stage Actor

Credit: FANTAGIO/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: FANTAGIO/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO MJ reflected on the good side of being a musical actor.

MJ, one of the six members of ASTRO, started his career when he became a contestant in the 2012 JYP Entertainment X Hum Audition. He participated in Fantagio’s iTeen and became an iTeen Boy alongside the other members of ASTRO.

Aside from being a singer and actor, MJ also found his peace while working as a musical actor.

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ASTRO MJ Says He Gets Different Feeling While Working as Musical Actor

On May 9, MJ officially enlisted in the military, leaving the five members of ASTRO temporarily.

But before starting his service, he had a photoshoot and interview with Singles Magazine, where he talked about his debut as a musical actor and trot singer while promoting with the K-pop group.

Per the K-pop idol, he has been spending all his time looking back on how grateful he should be for his careers. While he is already more than grateful to work with ASTRO, he is more thankful now as he gained many opportunities other people have a hard time getting.

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While he faced frustrating and burdensome memories, MJ coped with it with the help of his job as a musical actor.

“I get a different refreshing feeling when I stand on stage as a musical actor. It feels like all the stress I’ve built is being resolved while venting my emotions unlike normally by crying to my heart’s content, shouting, and getting angry,” he explained.

ASTRO MJ Felt Empty While Performing Without Fans

Six years after ASTRO’s debut, MJ grew closer to their fans that it felt empty when they were not able to perform in front of them for a long time due to COVID-19.

But after three years, they finally had an in-person fan meeting which truly made MJ and his co-members happy.

He told the magazine that he felt the adrenaline during the event, and his feelings were intensified due to his desire to see fans in person.

“I’ve never had this long of a break or watched by while taking a step back from ASTRO activities. After enlisting on May 9 and leaving the training camp after wrapping up military training, the promotions for our album will have ended,” he continued.

ASTRO released their third full-length album, “Drive To The Starry Road,” after MJ’s enlistment on May 9.

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