Young Sheldon Season 6: Mandy, Georgie’s Romance Future Seems To Have Been Inspired By The Big Bang Theory’s Leonard, Penny

Credit: TVLine/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TVLine/YouTube Screenshot

Things seem to be finally falling into the right places for Mandy (Emily Osment) and Georgie (Montana Jordan) in Young Sheldon Season 6. But what will their future be like? The Big Bang Theory’s Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) love story seems to have inspired it.

Warning: The following content contains Young Sheldon Season 6 theories. Read at your own risk.

The Similarities Between Penny, Leonard and Mandy, Georgie

Mandy and Georgie now know how to be civil after their breakup. However, it remains to be seen what will happen to their romance after that, but it looks like Kaley and Leonard have hinted at where their relationship will go.

In Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 3, Passion’s Harvest and a Sheldocracy, Mandy and Georgie’s plotline seemed to mirror that of Penny and Leonard.

Mandy was left with no choice but to accept Georgie’s offer of help after refusing it several times following being kicked out of her apartment.

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He welcomed her to the Cooper house, which was the family’s garage. Of course, just like Leonard, Georgie had shown Mandy incredible kindness, making her as comfortable as possible.

This was like how Leonard helped Penny, resulting in their relationship’s development despite Sheldon’s (Jimmy Parsons) involvement. They even ended up getting married.

So, the same thing could happen to Mandy and Georgie. With his help and kindness, he can win her over again and rekindle their romance. Who knows, they may end up married, too.

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No Mention of Mandy in The Big Bang Theory

To be clear, Mandy in The Big Bang Theory when Georgie made an appearance.

It had been known that it had former wives, but they were never named. It wasn’t also mentioned if he had a kid.

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That said, it’s quite hard to predict if they will end up together and separate or if they have never gotten back together.

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