Yoo Ah In's Drug Controversy: Actor Officially Summoned on Drug Charges

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Actor Yoo Ah In officially received a summon after his urine and hair samples tested positive for drugs.

On Feb. 27, the Drug Crime Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency officially received the drug test result of Yoo Ah In's urine sample. It revealed that the actor had propofol in his system. The new result came after he also tested positive for marijuana.

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Yoo Ah In Summoned for Questioning Amid Drug Controversy

On the same day, the MFDS' Drug Crime Investigation Unit sent a summon to Yoo Ah In after it compared and analyzed the propofol prescription status and the actual medical records released by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Herald Pop released a copy of the summon, which also disclosed that police would continue its probe to determine whether the #Alive actor used propofol for non-medical use last year. The investigation will also determine whether he had any other narcotics aside from propofol and marijuana in his system.

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Reports disclosed that Yoo Ah In took 73 shots of propofol from Jan. 4, 2021, to Dec. 23, 2021. Uhm Hong Sik — Yoo Ah In's real name — was one of the 51 people included on the list submitted to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in 2022. The investigation determined that the man on the list was the actor.

MFDS minister Oh Yu Kyung said during the press conference Thursday, "The Narcotics Information Management System keeps records of information on the types of psychoactive substances used last year and people who were administered with them ... This system displays information about the medical facilities that prescribe much higher doses than the average and whom it was prescribed to."

Yoo Ah In's agency United Artists Agency said it would release a formal statement once it finds a lawyer, reports confirmed. It was previously said that the actor was cooperating with the investigation.

Yoo Ah In Used More Than 2 Drugs

Police decided to continue its investigations after the hair sample tested by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation had three types of drug ingredients, Star Today cited MBC News Desk's confirmation.

UAA revealed it attempted to get further details about the third drug but was rejected.

"We have inquired the police several times about the reports that were made about the third drug substance. However, we only received the answer 'We can not tell you.' We ask for your understanding that we cannot arbitrarily reveal our position based only on media reports in the absence of any official information from the police," the agency went on.

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