BTS V Jokes About Getting 3 Shots of IV After Working Hard in Jinny's Kitchen

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS V recently shared his unique experience as a cast member of the reality show, Jinny's Kitchen.

Jinny's Kitchen is a spin-off of the hit Korean reality show Youn's Kitchen, which featured Lee Seo Jin's restaurant. The spin-off focuses on fast food in Korea, including street foods, and prepares a menu for the viewers.

The Run hitmaker appears alongside Park Seo Joon, Lee Seo Jin, Choi Woo Shik, and Jung Yu Mi.

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BTS V Jokes About His Jinny's Kitchen Appearance

On Feb. 22, V joined Jinny's Kitchen producer Na Young Seok and other cast members in an online press conference ahead of the official release of the series.

In one of the clips taken during the conference, V was recorded making everyone laugh as he made a joke about getting IV injections after filming the show.

"When I returned home after the shoot, I got an IV three times. I put my bloody effort. Please look forward to it," he said.

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After hearing his comment, some fans still expressed their concerns as V probably had a hard time adjusting to Mexico's weather. But they praised him for giving 100 percent of his efforts not only in Jinny's Kitchen but also in everything he does.

Kidding aside, V noted he learned so much when he got to Mexico to shoot the show, according to The Korea Times. He added that Jinny's Kitchen gave him unforgettable memories.

What To Expect From V in Jinny's Kitchen

In the show, V serves as an intern alongside Choi Woo Shik. Meanwhile, Lee Seo Jin is the boss, Jung Yu Mi is the director, and Park Seo Joon acts as an executive manager.

In V's role, he has to cook a lot in the show. He revealed that he is the least talented cook among BTS members and would like to have a different role instead.

"I was expecting to be a server but I was surprised that they made me cook," he said. "Cooking is not an easy job. I had a very difficult time."

Jinny's Kitchen will drop its first episode on Friday at 8:50 p.m. on Prime Video and TVING.

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