Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 11 Release Date and Time, Preview: Im Soo Hyang Gets Shocked After Learning Kim Jung Hyun's Connection to Murder Cases

Credit: MBCDRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MBCDRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

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Kokdu and Han Gye Jeol take their relationship to the next level in Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 11.

Kokdu: Season of Deity is an ongoing K-drama series that explores the life of a grim reaper named Kokdu, who goes to the world every 99 years to punish humans. He then meets Han Gye Jeol, who plays a huge role in his life.

Here's what will happen next in the Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 11.

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Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 11 Preview

Kokdu: Season of Deity episode 11 will see the surviving man proving that Do Jin Woo/Kokdu was the one who killed the Black Bear gang members. After the interrogation, Kokdu asks Han Gye Jeol about whether she thinks it was truly murder.

When she asks him whether he truly killed a man, he inquires whether she plans to leave him.

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Gakshin tells him to be nicer to Han Gye Jeol as he tries to complete what he needs to do before he can finally be at peace and remove the curse in his life.

Amid the misunderstanding, he gets reminded of his remaining days on Earth. The preview shows Han Gye Jeol learning a secret about Kokdu, but he refuses to tell her the truth.

Will Han Gye Jeol leave Kokdu/Do Jin Woo after the incident? Or will Kokdu finally leave her to have eternal peace?

Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 11 Release Date

K-drama Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 11 will be released on March 3. As of press time, the K-drama has not announced a possible change in schedule.

Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 11 Release Time

Here's a glance at the Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 11 release time in other regions:

Central Time: 7:00 AM (March 3)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:00 PM (March 3)

Eastern Time: 08:00 AM (March 3)

Pacific Time: 05:00 AM (March 3)

Philippine Time: 9:00 PM (March 3)

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