Yoo Ah In Reveals Truth About His Hair On Hellbound

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Yoo Ah In went extremes when he was cast for the lead role in Hellbound.

Known for his mystery thriller films, Yoo Ah In indeed garnered enough experience to ensure that the viewers get the most out of the series or movies. In the past years, he already starred in Burning, #Alive, and Voice of Silence – all of which have a similar genre as his current project, Hellbound.

For fans who have been tuning in and watching his works, seeing Yoo Ah In sports, a long hair for the Netflix series is truly fresh and new. But behind his improved visuals lied a secret he recently disclosed.

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What's Up With Yoo Ah In's Hairstyle On Hellbound?

Yoo Ah In sat down for an interview with Netflix Korea, where he offered answers to fans' lingering questions about him.

In one part of the video, the keyword Long Hair popped out since the actor also flaunted the hairstyle in the series as the founder of The New Truth. He explained that he has a hidden talent, which involved making any wig look like his real hair. In fact, the one he used on Hellbound was also a wig.


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He surprised the viewers even more by revealing that his hairstyles in several Korean dramas were achieved through wigs. The list includes Sunkyunkwan Scandal, Thread of Lies, and Chicago Typewriter.

Yoo Ah In indeed has been playing a huge role in making Hellbound a hit series. As of the writing, it already beat Squid Game as the world's most-watched Netflix series by topping the streaming platform in 80 countries within 24 hours.

Yoo Ah In Was Cast After Hellbound Director Dreamt Of Him

In one of the Netflix press events for the series, director Yeon Sang-Ho – who also graced Train To Busan­ – said he dreamt Yoo Ah In asking over the phone if he could do the role.


"I woke up shouting but I teared up because it was a dream. But I actually received a call," he said. After his dream turned into reality, he celebrated the unbelievable fate that brought him to Yoo Ah In.

The director then applauded the actor's ability to portray the mysterious character in the series, saying Yoo Ah In embodied the role perfectly and as expected.

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