Yoo Ah In Loses Gigs, Brand Deals Amid Drug Use Probe; Fans React

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

Yoo Ah In’s drug use controversy is causing him to lose the things he worked hard on since he started his career.

Yoo Ah In has been one of the most in-demand South Korean actors of his generation. He especially became Netflix’s top pick in most of its original films and series, including #Alive, Hellbound and Seoul Vibe.

He has two upcoming projects with the streaming giant — The Match and Goodbye Earth. However, his future is currently unknown amid the probe into his alleged illegal drug use.

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Yoo Ah In Loses Brand Deals Amid Drug Use Controversy

Yoo Ah In’s supposed endorsements and advertisements ultimately backed out of working with him amid the ongoing investigation involving the actor.

On Feb. 12, Segye reported that multiple brands cut ties with the actor completely and removed any Yoo Ah In-related materials from their advertisements.

MUSINSA, which created the AI model MU Ah In in collaboration with the actor for their brand, ultimately removed Yoo Ah In’s traces from their products. Other brands that did the same include NEPA, I’m Vita and CROQUIS.

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After the recent losses, the public slammed Yoo Ah In’s fans who defend him by saying he only used the drugs due to his sleep problems. People also expressed how disheartened they are to see someone with a huge fanbase turn into someone with negative influence.

Among the reactions posted on Naver read:

"I mean, endorsements are his problem, but what about his other dramas and films? I can't believe his irresponsibility is going to have an impact on his fellow actors and actresses who have been working with him.”
"I just don't like hypocritical attitudes about being 'woke' and stuff but not being transparent about other things like this.”
"There are no secrets in this world.”

What Will Happen to Yoo Ah In’s Movies, Series?

As of press time, only his Netflix movie with Lee Byung Hoon, The Match, is said to be affected by the ongoing probe. His other movies, Hi.5 and Goodbye Earth, said they were yet to make a decision.

Although they said they needed to see the results first, the initial outcome of one of the tests (urine test) revealed that the actor has cannabis in his system. The drug is considered illegal in South Korea.

The results of his hair test are yet to be finalized.

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