Yellowstone News & Update: Details About Tension Between Taylor Sheridan, Kevin Costner Emerge

Credit: Rotten Tomatoes TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Rotten Tomatoes TV/YouTube Screenshot

A new article describes the tense relationship between Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner and the show's creator 5.

With reports that the Western drama is likely to end as a result of Costner's departure, rumors regarding their relationship arose.

What is Going On Behind the Scenes of Yellowstone?

According to a Puck report, despite the fact that a Yellowstone filming delay is a factor, the controversy surrounding Paramount's flagship Western involves multiple competing parties.

Costner is attempting to write, direct, and star in the unreleased sequel film Horizon 2, which he is also attempting to direct and star in. This has become a major problem for Sheridan, who is unsure if he will have his star in time to pen the second half of Season 5.

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Sheridan's side argues that Costner only made himself available to film for one week, while Costner's side disputes this assertion and argues that he has simply been following his contract.

Many specifics concerning behind-the-scenes concerns have been revealed following reports that the Costner-led Yellowstone will terminate due to drama. Sheridan and his supporters, who have the support of Paramount, are insistent on filming season 5B of Yellowstone and accuse Costner of having a large ego coupled with greed.

According to reports, after Yellowstone's success, Costner attempted to provide Sheridan advice and began demanding more money for promotional events and each episode, which did not please the creator.

A Premature Ending

Plans to add Matthew McConaughey to the franchise and move several members of the Yellowstone ensemble have already been disclosed, and initial reports indicate that scheduling conflicts are at the heart of a possible cancellation decision.

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Sheridan further claimed that Costner contracted COVID-19 during a Yellowstone promotional event at the Calgary Stampede. Costner, who was absent from the set due to illness, allegedly refused to extend his filming time and left when the allotted window expired.

Costner contradicts this assertion in its entirety, stating that he did extend his stay and abided by his contract and that filming was only delayed because Sheridan did not complete the show's script in time, possibly because of his Yellowstone spin-off responsibilities.

It appears that Paramount is currently planning for Costner to exit Yellowstone, so it implies that the relationship has reached its breaking point, and the problem is just getting worse.

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